The Power Of Youth

To the dismay of the elder gods living on a magical mountain, an adolescent ascends to godhood, declares himself the king of youth, and begins abusing his elders. Unaware that any of this is happening, Monkey, Tripitaka, Pigsy and Sandy wander into the new king’s realm; the arrival of a priest – Tripitaka to be […]

Monkey Turns Nursemaid

Monkey is trapped inside the base of a mountain for 500 years, thanks to a magical seal placed there by the Buddha, who wishes him to learn patience. Emissaries from the Buddha drop by to check on him over the years, but do not free him. They also free a dragon imprisoned in Heaven, sending […]

The Great Journey Begins

Not long after Monkey and Tripitaka set out westward, they are accosted by a priest who is able to change into a raven at will, warning them of evil spirits who will interfere in their journey. During their first stop, they meet Pigsy, one of the guards exiled from Heaven, and after a brief fight […]

Monkey Swallows The Universe

Monkey, Tripitaka, Pigsy and Sandy encounter a local on their journey, and he warns them of cannibalistic demons on the road ahead. Monkey tricks Pigsy – who wasn’t paying attention to this warning – into scouting ahead by himself. When Monkey goes to look for Pigsy, his friend is nowhere to be found…and a demon […]


Edmund challenges Lord Melchett to a drinking contest despite the fact that one drink causes Edmund to start singing “that song about the goblin.” Complicating matters is the fact that Edmund’s aunt and uncle, the puritanical Lord and Lady Whiteadder, are coming over for dinner to discuss his inheritance on the very same night… written […]