Just as Simon Peller wins another term through the public telelection system, satellite signals go haywire, interrupting broadcasts on all the networks. And TV isn’t the only thing affected – even bank service has been disrupted. Then an ultimatum is issued: if Peller doesn’t reverse his policy of imprisoning all blanks – unregistered citizens with […]

The Search – Part I

Stardate 48212.4: Preparations are being made aboard DS9 for an inevitable visit from the Dominion, but no one can escape the fact that the station would wither under an attack from the Jem’Hadar. Commander Sisko, having gone to Earth for Starfleet briefings on the threat from the Gamma Quadrant, arrives in the experimental Federation vessel […]


Stardate not given: Voyager happens upon a scrapyard in space operated by a gangly and gregarious alien called Abbadon. A trade agreement is quickly reached for several small items and technologies, until Tom Paris sets his eyes on a sleek (but very derelict) shuttle-sized vessel. Tom persuades Chakotay to offer Abbadon a few extra items […]

Broken Bow

An unidentified alien craft slams into a cornfield in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, and its sole surviving pilot immediately abandons the wreckage, running from two other aliens in close pursuit. A fierce battle is waged on the adjacent farmland, but just when it seems that the crash survivor has prevailed, the farmer who owns the field […]

Blood Of Patriots

In the wake of the historic battle in which the Krill joined in the defense of Earth against the Kaylons, the Planetary Union is eager to press for full-on peace talks with the Krill, and sends the Orville to a meeting at which Captain Mercer is expected to sign a preliminary document to open negotiations. […]

The Name Of The Doctor

Then: The Doctor, in his first incarnation, prepares to steal a TARDIS and escape Gallifrey with his grandddaughter, Susan. In the TARDIS repair docks of Gallifrey, he is greeted not by security, but by a young woman whose face and name he will not know until his eleventh incarnation. She advises him to steal a […]