An attempted robbery in urban Cardiff ends with one of the criminals dead with a vicious wound left by some kind of blade, and the other in a coma – and a traumatized couple who seem to know nothing about what happened. Torchwood takes over the investigation from the police, and their interest quickly homes […]

I’m A Hand Model

Nerves grow frayed both aboard Avenue 5 – where Captain Clark finds that he can’t say or do anything without passenger Karen Kelly busting his chops for it – and on Earth. Rav Mulcair finds herself dealing with the press, with Judd’s cluelessness, and with NASA’s indifference since Judd insulted them. Clark finds himself dealing […]

Was It Your Ears?

Beep. The fallout from the Halfway Home party continues, as passenger liaison Karen Kelly demands an apology from Judd, who led the crowd into nearly throwing her husband out of an airlock. Judd seems less than contrite. Beep. In the meantime, everyone aboard does have a reason to celebrate, even if they’re not really halfway […]

Are You A Spider, Matt?

Marveling at the ever-present cloud of colorfully-ornamented human waste, Frank Kelly is certain he sees some of the waste configure itself briefly into the face of Pope John Paul II, and he even manages to convince others that they can see it too. Clark and Judd are a little bit uneasy with the notion that […]

This Is Physically Hurting Me

With Ames continuing to hound Judd, and with Judd’s knowledge that a supply shuttle is en route, the insanely rich owner of Avenue 5 starts making plans to be aboard that shuttle when it returns to Earth, even as passengers line up to ditch personal belongings to help lighten the ship for its accelerated return […]