True Or False Face

The theft of foreign crown jewels from beneath the noses of Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara signal the return of masked criminal mastermind False Face, who just as quickly gives Gotham’s finest the slip. Batman and Robin are summoned to ponder False Face’s latest cryptic clue, deducing that an armored car will be his next […]

Holy Rat Race

With Chief O’Hara in his clutches and the Caped Crusaders tied to the tracks in the path of an oncoming train, it seems that False Face has engineered the downfall of the Dynamic Duo. But a betrayal within the ranks of his hangers-on results in an about-face for Batman’s fortunes. Can someone as utterly scrupulous […]


Stardate 5683.1: A number of races’ ships have gathered around an asteroid inhabited by the Vedala, believed to be the oldest spacefaring species in existence. The Vedala have summoned numerous creatures for their intellect and physical strength, claiming that the galaxy’s future is imperiled unless those gathered can help the Vedala find a lost relic […]

C.W. Hyde

A substance recently retrieved from the ocean floor is stored at the Institute, with Mark and Dr. Merrill warning that it could have psychotropic effects, altering (at least temporarily) the personality of anyone who comes into contact with it, and that there may be physical manifestations of contact with the substance as well. C.W. accidentally […]

The Green Girl

Harry is less than enthusiastic about a televised, high-stakes international poker tournament to be held aboard Supertrain, but he’s at least relieved that Wayne is the one who has to keep the high-rollers happy. With a $100,000 buy-in, only the five best poker players in the world can even afford to ante up…and one of […]