The Bonding

Stardate 43198.7: Worf’s conscience struggles with a fatality under his command as a deceased crew member’s young son confronts an alien life form that attempts to take on the physical and psychological characteristics of his mother. written by Ronald D. Moore directed by Winrich Kolbe music by Dennis McCarthy Guest Cast: Susan Powell (Marla Aster), […]


Stardate 44012.3: In drydock at Earth Station McKinley, the Enterprise is undergoing extensive repairs while the crew, most notably Captain Picard, recover from the Borg invasion attempt. Picard returns to France for a less than warm welcome from his brother Robert, while Worf’s human foster parents beam aboard, concerned about Worf’s feelings since his dishonor […]

In Theory

Stardate 44932.3: During the Enterprise’s investigation of a dark-matter nebula, Lt. Jenna D’Sora, recently having broken up with a longtime boyfriend, becomes attached to Data, who at first protests that he has no human feelings, and then attempts to emulate emotions. In the meantime, the density of the matter in the nebula pulls off an […]


Stardate not given: Critically injured by falling containers in a cargo bay, Worf is paralyzed from the waist down, and Dr. Crusher can offer little in the way of hopes for complete recovery. The visiting Dr. Russell sees Worf’s injury as a perfect chance to test her new device, which can – in theory – […]

The First Duty

Stardate 45703.9: The Enterprise is heading back to Earth so Picard may deliver Starfleet Academy’s commencement address, and the crew is also looking forward to an aerial stunt display performed in orbit over Saturn by Nova Squadron, the Academy’s elite flight group, including Wes Crusher. As the Enterprise arrives, news reaches Picard and Dr. Crusher […]


Stardate not given: While responding to a distress signal, the Enterprise encounters a Dyson sphere, a colossal artificial structure whose habitable interior surface is powered by a small star kept in the center of the sphere. The source of the distress signal, a 75-year-old transport ship, is found crashed into the outside surface of the […]


Stardate 46461.3: The Enterprise crew begins an investigation when the crew of a Federation communications relay station near the Klingon border is discovered to be missing, and there are signs on the station that someone has been killed with a phaser set on high power. Someone has taken the station’s shuttle, and records of certain […]

The Chase

Stardate 46731.5: Professor Galen, Picard’s beloved archaeology professor from his days at Starfleet Academy, comes aboard the Enterprise in an attempt to recruit Picard for a private expedition, the conclusion of which Galen claims to have profound implications for the entire galaxy. Picard regretfully turns down Galen’s offer, but later finds himself taking up the […]

Gambit Part II

Stardate 47160.1: Riker is accepted into Baran’s outlaw fold by pretending to be an old enemy of “Galen,” and the mercenaries’ mission continues. Picard discovers that Baran’s gang is not looking for Romulan artifacts, but for ancient Vulcan artifacts. The Romulan mercenary Tallera reveals herself as an undercover Vulcan security operative, and she earns Picard’s […]

All Good Things…

Stardate not applicable (prehistory): On the planet Earth, the crucial moment in which life is sparked in primeval chemicals fails to occur. The planet remains uninhabited and the human race never comes into existence. Stardate 41148: A vaguely disoriented Captain Jean-Luc Picard arrives aboard the starship Enterprise to take command, shortly after which he suddenly […]

The Search – Part I

Stardate 48212.4: Preparations are being made aboard DS9 for an inevitable visit from the Dominion, but no one can escape the fact that the station would wither under an attack from the Jem’Hadar. Commander Sisko, having gone to Earth for Starfleet briefings on the threat from the Gamma Quadrant, arrives in the experimental Federation vessel […]