The Killing Game – Part I

Stardate not given: In World War II France, the leader of a resistance cell operates behind the scenes at her nightclub, worrying that her club’s singer – who also happens to be a weapons expert – is having second thoughts about working to free France of Nazi forces. Suspicions are heightened when the singer is […]

The Killing Game – Part II

Stardate 51715.2: Janeway and Seven of Nine, free of the Hirogen neural implants which have been forcing their crewmates to relive World War II without any knowledge of their real identities, make their way through Voyager. Janeway hopes that she can talk the Alpha Hirogen into some sort of unconventional truce, only to discover that […]


Stardate not given: A freak shuttle encounter with a cloud of active plasma necessitates an emergency evacuation. The Doctor’s mobile holo-emitter and some of Seven of Nine’s Borg nanoprobes are fused in the beam-out, resulting in a new life-form. With its immense adaptive Borg capabilities and its advanced 29th century technology, the new Borg drone […]

Carbon Creek

On the one-year anniversary of T’Pol’s assignment to the Enterprise, Captain Archer holds a dinner in her honor, also attended by Trip. When pressed to reveal why her last leave on Earth included a visit to Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania, T’Pol shocks Archer and Trip by recounting a story of the first contact between humans and […]

Cupid’s Dagger

Karaoke night aboard the Orville is somewhat mercifully interrupted by new orders from Admiral Halsey: the Navarian/Bruidian conflict over the planet Lopovia – and its ruins that may indicate ancient settlement by either race, depending on DNA analysis – is coming to a head. Mercer is ordered to proceed to Lopovia and consult with a […]

Blood Of Patriots

In the wake of the historic battle in which the Krill joined in the defense of Earth against the Kaylons, the Planetary Union is eager to press for full-on peace talks with the Krill, and sends the Orville to a meeting at which Captain Mercer is expected to sign a preliminary document to open negotiations. […]