2001: a space odyssey

On a young planet called Earth, an alien intelligence – in the form of a large black monolith – tests the intelligence of a primitive race of primates. It also influences their development into a more ambitious and potentially more dangerous species. The monolith vanishes, having completed its task. Millennia later, a primitive race of […]

The Starlost

Voyage Of Discovery Lazarus From The Mist The Goddess Calabra The Pisces Children Of Methuselah And Only Man Is Vile Circuit Of Death Gallery Of Fear Mr. Smith Of Manchester The Alien Oro The Astro Medics The Implant People The Return Of Oro Farthing’s Comet The Beehive Space Precinct With Hugos and Writers’ Guild Awards […]

Gallery Of Fear

As they continue to explore the Ark, Devon and his friends are driven to the safety of another biosphere by what appears to be a windstorm in one of the ship’s corridors. Once inside, they find themselves in a gallery of abstract art that reshapes itself depending on their moods. A woman called Daphne appears, […]

2010: The Year We Make Contact

Dr. Heywood Floyd, the mission director of the Discovery mission, resigned after the ambiguous conclusion of that flight, a scapegoat for the U.S. government and the press to blame for the disastrous outcome. The Soviet Union offers Floyd a berth on a Jupiter-bound Soviet mission which will get to the derelict Discovery long before an […]


Sara Pezzini has gone rogue from the NYPD, and Dante makes finding her – and killing her – the top priority of the White Bulls. But also on their slate is finding the missing daughter of a congressman whose influence could be of help to Dante’s elite officers in the future. McCartey, who is still […]


Sara Pezzini’s quest for justice is growing closer to a resolution – and growing more dangerous. Ian tracks her down, ostensibly to say goodbye to her, and she and Gabriel narrowly escape as Dante and the White Bulls follow Ian to their hideout and shoot him down in cold blood without even the slightest hint […]

Space Station 76

Jessica Marlowe arrives at space station Omega 76 to begin a tour of duty as the station’s second-in-command under uptight Captain Glenn, whose previous second-in-command left under mysterious (and much-gossiped-about) circumstances. She meets the station’s other personnel and spouses in rapid succession, including Ted and his wife Misty, the latter of whom has an oddly […]