The Game

Alien NationA wave of Newcomer murders – death by toxic salt water – seems to strike a terrifying chord with George. When George explains that these killings are very much like the results of a deadly, forced game of Russian roulette that was played aboard the Tenctonese slave ship, Sikes blows the similarities off. George turns to one of his oldest friends, Tom Edison, who was also forced to endure the game aboard the slave ship. Becoming increasingly obsessed with the investigation, George makes what appear to be major blunders in trying to make an arrest in the case. Little does he know that the game has not only begun again on Earth, but his friend is the reigning champion.

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Steven Long Mitchell & Craig Van Sickle
directed by David Carson
music by

Guest Cast: Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (Dobbs), Molly Morgan (Jill Molaskey), Teddy Wilson (Dr. Brennan), Andreas Katsulas (Coolock), Sam Anderson (Tom Edison), Billy Ray Sharkey (Deon Flack), Bill Allen (Ruhtra), Joel Swetow (Joe Comet), Maggie Egan (Mrs. Comet), Craig Richard Nelson (Attorney), Henry Stolow (Challenger), Isabel Wolfe (Alva), Martin Valinsky (Cop)

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The Vengeance Factor

Star Trek: The Next GenerationStardate 43421.9: Riker as a man of conscience and Picard as a diplomat run up against an age-old wall of mafia-likee blood feuding, almost certain to ruin the first negotiations between a clan of vicious pirates and a race of civilized if haughty beings in centuries. Riker ends up with the most difficult decision of all…

Order the DVDswritten by Sam Rolfe
directed by Timothy Bond
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Lisa Wilcox (Yuta), Joey Aresco (Brull), Nancy Parsons (Sovereign Marouk), Stephen Lee (Chorgan), Marc Lawrence (Volnath), Elkanah J. Burns (Temarek)

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Red DwarfHolly thinks she’s spotted five black holes, and the guys split up and evacuate Red Dwarf in case it’s not small enough to escape the black holes’ gravity. Lister and Rimmer set out in Starbug, while Kryten and Cat depart aboard Blue Midget. En route, Starbug crashes onto an icy moon, and it’s unlikely to be found before the meager supplies on board are gone. Faced with the grave choice of eating either a pot noodle or dog food to survive, Lister begins to lose hope and body heat. He asks Rimmer to sacrifice some of his worldly goods to serve as firewood – and Rimmer, naturally, refuses. Lister therefore sacrifices some of Rimmer’s worldly goods anyway.

Order the DVDswritten by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
directed by Ed Bye
music by Howard Goodall

Guest Cast: none

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Doctor WhoThe Doctor brings Ace to present-day Perivale to visit her friends, but she discovers that most of them have gone missing. Perivale is now a tense place where parents fear for their children’s lives and Sergeant Paterson teaches self-defense classes in hopes that the residents of Perivale can help themselves when the time comes. Unusually vicious black cats stalk the streets, marking their territory in the deadliest ways. When Ace joins the ranks of the other missing teenagers, the Doctor follows her, finding himself on the planet of the feral Cheetah People, a hostile world whose inherent violence infects all who go there. The Master has also somehow become trapped here, enslaved by the Cheetah People’s primitive bloodlust, and hoping to escape by using the new visitors from Perivale. The Doctor is left to face the dilemma: where is the Master more dangerous, on this alien world which will soon destroy itself, or running loose on Earth?

Order the DVDDownload this episodewritten by Rona Munro
directed by Alan Wareing
music by Dominic Glynn

Doctor WhoGuest Cast: Anthony Ainley (The Master), Julian Holloway (Sergeant Paterson), Lisa Bowerman (Karra), Will Barton (Midge), Sakuntala Ramanee (Shreela), David John (Derek), Sean Oliver (Stuart), Gareth Hale (Harvey), Norman Pace (Len), Kate Eaton (Ange), Adele Silva (Squeak), Michelle Martin (Neighbor), Kathleen Bidmead (Woman)

Broadcast from November 22 through December 6, 1989

LogBook entry & review by Earl Green […]

Experiment #101: The Crawling Eye

Season 1
MST3K Story: Dr. Forrester is preparing for the week’s experiment when Dr. Erhardt rushes in, worried that he may have been followed. This upsets Dr. Forrester, as their experiment on Joel is meant to be kept a secret. When they contact him, Joel shows off his invention of an electric bagpipe, complete with renditions of Amazing Grace and Whole Lotta Love. Dr. Forrester is impressed, as it has caused Dr. Erhardt’s corneas to bleed. To counter, Dr. Forrester shows off a serum derived from the pineal gland of a dog, which, when injected into Dr. Erhardt, causes him to stop sweating (and start panting). Joel notices that the Mads have moved and is shocked to learn they are in Deep 13, far beneath Gizmonic Institute in a sub-basement. Joel says it’s incredibly radioactive down there, but the Mads “like it”. Dr. Forrester starts to make a big speech, but it’s time for the movie, so it’s cut short. After watching some of the film, the Bots are confused as to why the humans are so upset at the prospect of having their heads ripped off. Joel tries to explain, but the Bots just use it as an opportunity to play word games. Joel finds that Gypsy has uncoiled herself and her tubing is spread all over the Satellite of Love. Joel removes Gypsy’s eye and waves it around to show her what a mess she made, but it doesn’t help and she’s got an itch. Joel and the Bots try to figure out which bit is Gypsy and which is just part of the solar collector cable. After the “eye creatures” are finally seen, the Bots decide that they find Forrest Tucker more frightening, but Joel tries to explain why gigantic, free-roaming body parts are much scarier (but to little success). At the end of the movie, Joel gives the Bots answer questions for RAM chips and even Gypsy gets one, despite the fact that the best answer she can come up with to any question is “Richard Basehart”. Joel and the Bots don’t really have anything good to say about the movie, and that makes the Mads very happy.

The Crawling Eye Story:The film opens in Trollenberg, following a trio of mountain climbers, one of whom is brutally attacked by an unknown assailant. An investigator, Alan Brooks, is called in and on the way meets two sisters, Anne and Sarah Pilgrim. They are entertainers (they have a psychic act) and are traveling for Anne’s health. But Anne has an uncontrollable urge to stay in Trollenberg and so they book a room in the local hotel. Brooks, meanwhile, meets up with Professor Crevett, an old friend who contacted him due to the similarities between the Trollenberg case and a previous one they had seen in the Andes; an unusual fog that has encompassed the mountain. Anne suffers a strange seemingly psychic attack while she and her sister are performing and it seems to have some effect on the fog. When communication to the resting cabin is lost, several locals and Brooks head up the mountain. This causes Anne to have visions in her sleep that convince her she must ascend the mountain, but she is stopped by Brooks. Brett, one of the missing men, returns from the mountain, but is distracted and acts strangely. Brooks immediately suspects something, and when Brett attacks Anne, Brooks knocks him to the ground. However, no blood comes out of a wound to the head Brett suffers and he easily shakes off a sedative, trying again to kill Anne later that night. Brooks is forced to shoot him and Brett’s body disintegrates. Brooks decides to move everyone to the Observatory which is higher on the mountain, but more easily fortified against attack. This move proves timely, as the creatures invade the lodge, going after a little girl who had gone back to get a lost ball. The creatures are gigantic, tentacled, amorphous beings, each with a single, gigantic eye at their center. Brooks rescues the girl and the last of the guests and villagers escape. But one becomes infected and Anne is once again under attack, but is once again rescued. Brooks and Co. finally try to go on the offensive, attempting to use fire against the creatures, which seem to be attracted to cold. Fire bombs seem to work and Brooks is finally able to get through to the authorities, who bomb the fog cloud, killing the creatures and bringing the crisis to an end.

MST3K segments written by Trace Beaulieu, Joel Hodgson, Jim Mallon, Kevin Murphy, Mike Nelson & Josh Weinstein
MST3K segments director unknown

The Crawling Eye written by Jimmy Sangster from a story by Peter Key
The Crawling Eye directed by Quentin Lawrence
The Crawling Eye music by Stanley Black

Season 1 Regular Cast: Joel Hodgson (Joel Robinson), Trace Beaulieu (Crow T. Robot / Dr. Clayton Forrester), Josh Weinstein (Tom Servo / Dr. Laurence Erhardt), Jim Mallon (Gypsy)

MST3K Guest Cast: None

The Crawling Eye Cast: Forrest Tucker (Alan Brooks), Laurence Payne (Philip Truscott), Jennifer Jayne (Sarah Pilgrim), Janet Munro (Anne Pilgrim), Warren Mitchell (Professor Crevett), Andrew Faulds (Brett), Stuart Saunders (Dewhurst), Frederick Schiller (Mayor Klein), Colin Douglas (Hans)

LogBook entry by Philip R. Frey. […]

Chains Of Love

Alien NationTwo Newcomer males turn up dead, having recently had sex under the influence of a Tenctonese drug called sardonac – a drug which creates a permanent monogamous bond between a couple. George and Sikes follow the trail to a computer dating bulletin board system which allows Newcomers to meet potential mates; both of the victims, and one other man, have arranged dates with a particular woman before dying. George tries to offer police protection to the one man who’s still alive, but he declines it – and then turns up dead. George sets himself up as the mystery woman’s next date, but Sikes worries that George is developing an infatuation with the suspect based on her picture. In the meantime, George begins to wonder if there’s a hidden reason why he and Susan have never bonded with sardonac – and an sting to catch the suspect doesn’t succeed in closing the case, but it does demonstrate the real power of sardonac to Sikes, in a way he never would’ve expected…

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Andrew Schneider & Diane Frolov
directed by Harry S. Longstreet
music by David Kurtz

Guest Cast: Caitlin O’Heaney (Jenny), S.A. Griffin (Marvin Gardens), Diana Barton (Emma Bovary), Teddy Wilson (Roscoe), Jeffrey Nordling (Ted Healy), Darren Dalton (Leonard), Theodore Raimi (Johnny), Bennett Liss (Ralph), Thom Zimmerle (Daniel), Kurt Verbaarschot (Roland)

Notes: This episode of Alien Nation marks one of the earliest TV appearances of Ted Raimi (credited here as Theodore Raimi), brother of Evil Dead auteur (and future Spider-Man movie franchise director) Sam Raimi. Ted Raimi would go on to appear in such series as seaQuest DSV and Xena: Warrior Princess, as well as quite a few of his brother’s film projects.

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Red DwarfA spacecraft tumbles through space adrfit, its cargo of highly dangerous life forms having escaped. The genetic mutant that has freed itself seeks out the mentally unstable and the flat-out-neurotic, so naturally it homes in on Red Dwarf in short order. It changes its shape to hide and then to paralyze its victims with fear while it drains their negative emotions. It manages to infiltrate Lister’s dinner, but it then induces paralyzing fear by turning into a monster which fits the rough identikit picture of Lister’s worst nightmare, and drains all the fear from him. Rimmer, Cat and Kryten, after subduing the now-fearless Lister, set out after the creature, but it manages to snare each of them, removing Kryten’s politeness, Cat’s sense of style, and Rimmer’s aggressiveness. Lister is left in a state of suicidal kamikaze bravado; Kryten is a tactless, insulting jerk; Cat has changed into some comfortable rags and gotten well sloshed; and Rimmer wants to try to negotiate with the alien, or, failing that, launch a ship-wide campaign to non-violently protest its presence.

Order the DVDswritten by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
directed by Ed Bye
music by Howard Goodall

Guest Cast: Frances Barber (Genny), Simon Gaffney (Young Rimmer), Kalli Greenwood (Mrs. Rimmer)

LogBook entry by Earl Green


Red DwarfA malfunctioning skutter starts rewiring Red Dwarf, resulting in a malfunctioning everything, including the self-destruct system which could be connected to anything by now. As it so happens, the destruct system starts counting down when Lister orders a candy bar from the vending machine. Using a “mind swap” to load the personality of one of the ship’s long-dead senior officers doesn’t work, which is just as well – the destruct system countdown was activated by the vending machine, but not the explosive device itself. Rimmer later gets the idea of using the same procedure – the one with the mind swap, not the bomb – so he could occupy a physical form for a brief period, promising to get Lister’s body into shape before returning it to its rightful owner. As it turns out, Rimmer has been missing all the excesses of the flesh that holograms don’t get to enjoy, and when Lister demands his body back, Rimmer isn’t quite ready to return it.

Order the DVDswritten by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
directed by Ed Bye
music by Howard Goodall

Guest Cast: none

LogBook entry by Earl Green

Experiment #102: The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy w/ Moon Rocket

Season 1
MST3K Story: Dr. Forrester is preparing for his trip to the Mad Scientists Convention and Dr. Erhardt warns him against blowing the convention up again this time. (Dr. F counters that he only did that twice; the third time he used incendiaries so it just burned quickly.) When they contact the SOL, Joel shows off his airbag helmet, with the Mads countering with the Chalkman, a nails-on-chalkboard device. After a demonstration of Deep 13’s new security system that leaves both scientists injured, they send the movie; this time, with an episode of a serial before the main feature. When they get out of the theater, Joel and the Bots find that the SOL has been covered by “Demon Dogs”, strange skeletal space canines, whose presence is proving a danger to the ship. Tom convinces the others that he can reason with the creatures, but due to his fire hydrant-inspired design, the results are disastrous (and as icky as you might think). Eventually, the leader of the dog people, Enoch, comes on board the SOL and explains that they had traveled across the vastness of space to do worship to the “giant bone” and to bury it on the Moon. Apparently, they were tricked by the SOL’s dogbone shape and were not expecting it to be inhabited. Despite Joel and Enoch’s attempts to make peace, things don’t go well. Crow acts insultingly towards Enoch and Tom is still upset over the Demon Dogs’ earlier behavior. Things really go south, though, when Gypsy shows up and eats Enoch. Joel then decides to send Crow out to talk to the Demon Dogs, since he’s the only one who looks remotely like Enoch, but they are not fooled and treat Crow much the same as they did Tom Servo. As they watch the end of the movie, a Demon Dog makes its way into the theater, driving them out. They emerge to find that the SOL has been overrun. Joel decides to jettison a giant ball-shaped piece of equipment and the Demon Dogs give chase. All seems fine until Tom Servo reminds him that playing fetch usually involves chasing and then bringing back. Joel seems unhappy with the results of the experiment, but the Mads are satisfied.

Moon Rocket Story: Mr. Henderson, a powerful government official, informs Commando Cody and his team that a series of mysterious explosions seem to originate from the Moon. Cody investigates, tracking down and capturing the alien ray gun being used by the agents of the Moon operating on Earth. Once the Moon connection is confirmed, Cody decides to take a rocket and investigate the Moon directly. He and his team land on the Moon and Cody uses his rocket suit to find the aliens’ headquarters, where he is caught in a trap by Retik, the leader of the Moon.

The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy Story: Dr. Eduardo Almada brings together several of his fellow scientists to explain his most recent experiences. He had recently put his wife, Flora, under hypnosis and discovered that she had a former life as Xochi, a maiden during the times of the Aztecs. Xochi had been in love with a man named Popoca and, despite her vows of purity and destiny to be sacrificed to the gods, they broke Aztec law and tried to run away together. For their crimes, he was sentenced to being mummified alive and she was put to death. Using the knowledge obtained from Flora, Dr. Almada had led a small expedition into the temple and acquired a cursed breastplate from Xochi’s remains. When he returned later for a necklace needed to translate the inscription on the plate, he found that he had awoken the mummy of Popoca. The mummy followed Dr. Almada to his home and kidnapped Flora, thinking she was Xochi. But Dr. Almada and his friends were able to rescue her. Unknown to Dr. Almada, one of his fellow scientists, Dr. Krupp, had become determined to steal the Aztec treasure. First, he kidnapped Flora and forced Dr. Almada to translate the hieroglyphics on the Aztec treasure. But his plans were ruined when the mummy arrived and rescued Flora and the doctor. Krupp managed to escape and next hypnotized Flora, using her mental connection to the mummy to locate it. Although Dr. Almada realized what Krupp had done, he could not deduce why Krupp had not tried to steal the treasure. He explains to his fellow scientists that five years have passed since that time and there has been no sign of Krupp. But clues lead him to deduce that Krupp is working on a plan that goes beyond mere treasure. In the past five years, Krupp has found a way to bring dead tissue back to life. He has used this knowledge to build a “human robot” that he believes will allow him to conquer the world. As a test of his robot’s power, he sets it against the mummy of Popoca. The two monsters clash and the robot seems to be overpowering the mummy when the police arrive and shoot the control device out of Krupp’s hands. The mummy is then able to easily destroy the robot and Krupp. Flora gives the treasure back to the mummy and he returns to his eternal rest.

MST3K segments written by Trace Beaulieu, Joel Hodgson, Jim Mallon, Kevin Murphy, Mike Nelson and Josh (J. Elvis) Weinstein
MST3K segments director unknown

Moon Rocket written by Ronald Davidson
Moon Rocket directed by Fred C. Brannon
Moon Rocket music by Stanley Wilson

The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy written by Alfredo Salazar and Guillermo Calderón
The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy directed by Rafael Portillo
The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy music by Antonio Díaz Conde

MST3K Guest Cast: Jim Mallon (Enoch)

Moon Rocket Cast: George Wallace (Commando Cody), Aline Towne (Joan Gilbert), Roy Barcroft (Retik), William Bakewell (Ted Richards), Clayton Moore (Graber), Peter Brocco (Krog), Robert R. Stephenson (Daly), Don Walters (Mr. Henderson)

The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy Cast: Ramón Gay (Dr. Eduardo Almada), Roda Arenas (Flora Almada / Xochi), Crox Alvaredo (Pinacate), Luis Aceves Castañeda (Dr. Krupp), Jorge Mondragón (Dr. Sepúlveda), Arturo Martínez (Tierno), Emma Roldán (Maria), Julián de Meriche (Comandante), Ángel Di Stefani (Popoca, the Mummy)

LogBook entry by Philip R. Frey […]

The Spirit Of ’95

Alien NationEmotions run high as the vote approaches for the Alien Voting Amemdment, a significant change to the U.S. Constitution that would give Newcomers the vote for the first time. The pro-AVA movement is gaining ground, and its charismatic leaders even convince Buck and Susan to help them in their campaign. But they’re also receiving bomb threats – and after one such threat, the AVA campaign headquarters is destroyed just after Buck and Susan step outside. The threat caller claims to be a member of the anti-alien Purist Party, and this lands George and Sikes in the middle of an investigation that proves to be as much about politics as about solving the crime. The leader of the Purists naturally denies all knowledge, and even brings up the possibility that the AVA movement’s leaders may be engineering these problems for themselves to gain sympathetic press coverage. How far will both sides go to further their agendas – and can George and Sikes actually catch either side doing anything illegal?

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Tom Chehak
directed by Harry S. Longstreet
music by David Kurtz

Guest Cast: Mark Thomas Miller (Wyatt Earp), Mark Joy (Max Clay), Clarence Felder (Jack Pearlman), Harvey Jason (Hopper), Henry Brown (Jesse Parker), Frances Bay (Mrs. Gillimore), Mark L. Taylor (Mike Wilmington), Marla Fries (Carol Wilmington), Michael Milhoan (Cop), Ron S. Herbes (Reporter), Arthur Seidel (Desk Sergeant), Martin Valinsky (Officer)

LogBook entry by Earl Green


Red DwarfLister is approaching suicidal levels of depression and boredom with his life aboard Red Dwarf, venting his loathing for life upon Cat and Rimmer. Meanwhile, in the ship’s photo lab, Kryten is developing photos of a party aboard the Nova 5 when he finds that they have sprung into motion. Repeating the same experiment with other pictures, he finds that the lab’s developing fluid has mutated over three million years, and can now bring photos to life. He then uses a slide projector to create life-size pictures that anyone can walk into, interacting with the subjects of photos from any era of history. Lister decides to go back and visit himself as a dismal rock-star-wannabe teenager, taking with him a sample of one of the future’s most profitable inventions – a Tension Sheet (a square of air-bubble packing material painted red with “Tension Sheet” written on it) – in the hopes he can pry his junior self away from “the Om song” long enough to get him to register the Tension Sheet as his own invention and get rich. When Lister disappears, it becomes apparent that he has changed his own future and become a millionaire who never signed aboard Red Dwarf. But Lister’s non-existence also erases the Cat and Kryten from the present, and Rimmer is left with Holly. Rimmer decides that it is his duty as a complete and utter bastard to set history to rights, unaware that this will bring his greatest wish to fruition – Rimmer will once again occupy a tangible body!

Order the DVDswritten by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
directed by Ed Bye
music by Howard Goodall

Guest Cast: Robert Addie (Gilbert), Rupert Bates (Bodyguard), Richard Hainsworth (Bodyguard), Emile Charles (young Lister), Simon Gaffney (young Rimmer), Stephen McKintosh (Thicky Holden), Louisa Ruthven (Ski Woman), Koo Stark (Lady Sabrina Mulholland-Jjones), Mark Steel (Ski Man), Ruby Wax (American Presenter), Adolf Hitler (himself)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

Godzilla Vs. Biollante

GodzillaGodzilla has fallen into a volcano, and Tokyo begins rebuilding following his onslaught. In the debris a research team discovers a chunk of Godzilla cells. But they are spirited away by a mercenary who delivers them to the Republic of Saradia. There, Dr. Shirigami plans on using the cells to create grains that can grow in harsher environments. A terrorist explosion at the lab destroys his hopes and kills his daughter.

Five years later, Shirigami is studying plant biology in Japan, believing the spirit of his daughter is in the roses. He is being assisted by Miki Saegusa, a clairvoyant. The Special Disaster Research Council- Godzilla Unit takes Miki on a helicopter tour over the volcano, who declares Godzilla is awake. A project is launched to create an Anti Nuclear Energy Bacteria, which would essentially eat nuclear material in the event of an accident. But they need some Godzilla cells. Shirigami agrees to help.

Rival biotechnology firm Bio Major sends a pair of thieves to break into Shirigami’s lab. They are interrupted by the mercenary from Saradia, who is also seeking to steal secrets. All three men are attacked by long, ropey strands that pull them away, but the mercenary is able to slip away. The creature disappears.

Bio Major demands the research on the bacteria, or it will set of explosives around the volcano containing Godzilla, causing his return. The Japanese government concedes.

At a lake near Shirigami’s lab, a creature rises. The giant stands on a thick tree-trunk like stalk, with long vines for arms, and is topped with a rose. Shirigami reveals he developed Biollante with Godzilla, plant cells, and DNA from his dead daughter.

Asuka and Sho meet a Bio Major agent to deliver several samples of the bacteria from Shirigami’s development, but are ambused by the Saradian assassin. The Bio Major agent tries to flee in a truck, but is killed by the Saradian, who takes the case containing the bacteria. Asuka and Sho are unable to stop the explosions on time and Godzilla rises from the volcano.

The Japanese Defense Force meets the King of the Monsters in the Pacific Ocean, and greets him with a barrage of canon fire and missiles. He destroys them without batting an eye. A newly rebuilt, more powerful Super-X is deployed against the advancing beast. It is able to reflect the nuclear blasts back to Godzilla. He retreats for a while, but Biollante calls out to him. Godzilla damages the Super-X and continues his path to Biollante.

The two monsters battle in the lake, with Biollante tying up Godzilla in its tendrils. Godzilla struggles against the bonds and unleashes a nuclear blast at Biollante that cuts like a scalpel and explodes the rose-head. Miki, who can still sense the bio-engineered creature, reports Biollante is dying. But in the inferno, Biollante releases pollen. Godzilla disappears into the ocean.

Miki is engaged by the military to find Godzilla, and finds him while in a helicopter. He appears to be headed to a nuclear power plant. A repaired Super-X is dispatched against the monster. With the Japanese Defense Force lying in wait at the power plant, Godzilla surfaces miles away at Osaka Bay. Using her ESPer powers, Miki attempts to contact Godzilla and delay his entry into Osaka.

Asuka and Sho snatch the Anti Nuclear Energy Bacteria from the Saradian business offices, just before Godzilla comes ashore. The King of the Monsters stomps through Osaka, leaving fire and destruction in his wake. The Super-X launches a barrage of missiles at Godzilla, but it only enrages the beast and he again destroys the Super-X. In several nearby buildings a team lead by Asuka and Sho use bazookas to fire the bacteria at Godzilla. Godzilla leaves, but the bacteria doesn’t seem to be working. His body temperature is too low to allow its growth. A plan is hatched to raise his temperature by using giant microwaves. Even that doesn’t work. It appears Godzilla is immune to the bacteria.

From out of the rain clouds, Biollante’s pollen falls, and a new hybrid creature rises from the ground. It is bulkier, and has more vines. Instead of a rose, Biollante’s head is more similar to Godzilla’s, only with a longer snout, with the vines ending in Venus Flytrap-like mouths. It advances toward Godzilla and stabs him in the shoulder and hands with its new blade-like tendrils. The two grapple. Godzilla stumbles away and falls into the ocean. The bacteria finally appears to have worked. Biollante disintegrates into a cloud of pollen, and Shirigami sees an image of his daughter in the rising pollen.

As he calls out to his daughter, Shirigami is shot and killed by the Saradian assassin. As he escapes, he steps into the microwave zone and is vaporized. Godzilla rises again. The water has lowered his body temperature, inhibiting the growth of the bacteria again. He heads off to sea.

screenplay by Kazuki Omori
story by Shinichiro Kobayashi
directed by Kazuki Omori
music by Koichi Sugiyama

Human Cast: Kunihiko Mitamura (Kazuhito Kirishima), Yoshiko Tanaka (Asuka Okouchi), Masanobu Takashima (Maj. Sho Kuroki), Megumi Odaka (Miki Saegusa), Koji Takashima (Dr. Shirigami)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Biollante

Notes: As with The Return Of Godzilla (Godzilla 1985), Godzilla Vs. Biollante has not been released on DVD in North America. The VHS release can usually be found fairly inexpensively.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

The Red Room

Alien NationA break-in at the lab where Cathy works is just the beginning of a reign of terror that shakes George to his core. Sikes meets Detective Jeffries at the scene, who dismisses the entire incident as an animal activist’s protest, but later, when Sikes discovers that there is no LAPD detective by that name, he starts to wonder what’s really going on. Sikes and George continue following the trail, but at several points along the way, George seems disoriented, and he experiences flashbacks to a red room containing a firing range. “Jeffries” appears again, this time at the police station, and apparently has enough influence to close the case. Sikes isn’t ready to give up the chase yet, and he enlists outside help in analyzing newly discovered samples of Tenctonese tissue, as well as George’s murky memories. When he does manage to remember the strange flashbacks he’s been experiencing, the truth about “Jeffries” becomes just one part of a conspiratorial puzzle with dark implications for humans and Newcomers alike.

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle
directed by Chuck Bowman
music by Steve Dorff & Larry Herbstritt

Guest Cast: Katherine Justice (Dr. Wright), John P. Connolly (Detective Jeffries), Tom Dugan (Silas Marner), Patricia Heaton (Amanda Russle), Ray Reinhardt (Chris Pettit), Michele Lamar Richards (Lois Allen), Chuck Bennett (Marcus Byer)

Notes: Seen only in dimly-lit flashbacks (and later in a body bag), guest star Patricia Heaton makes one of her only genre appearances here, long before her co-starring role in Everybody Loves Raymond.

LogBook entry by Earl Green

The Last Day

Red DwarfA letter arrives from DivaDroid announcing that the latest model of mechanoid will be on its way to replace Kryten, who is expected to shut down and dismantle himself. Lister tries in vain to get Kryten to rebel against this instruction, but Kryten seems perfectly happy and assured of his place in Silicon Heaven. In honor of Kryten’s last day online, Lister and the guys throw him the wildest party they can manage on short notice and all parties get thoroughly pissed. The only problem is that, if Kryten hasn’t been shut down before his replacement arrives, his replacement will shut him down in any manner it chooses. The fact that the new mechanoid has gone completely insane over the millennia doesn’t help out much either.

Order the DVDswritten by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
directed by Ed Bye
music by Howard Goodall

Guest Cast: Robert Llewellyn (Jim Reaper), Julie Higginson (Girl Android), Gordon Kennedy (Hudzen)

LogBook entry by Earl Green