What is Kasatochi?

Kasatochi creates chiptune versions of your favorite songs and albums, free for download. Usually, this means polyphonic music reminiscent of music from the soundchip of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Here, listen to this while you read, and you’ll get the idea pretty quickly.

The releases fall into several categories (sometimes hitting multiple categories at once):

  • Album-length releases (usually at least an hour of music)
  • Artist tributes (releases focused on a specific artist)
  • Soundtrack tributes (chiptune versions of popular movie & TV music)
  • Expansion Pack EPs (shorter releases – usually 30-45 minutes of music)
  • DLC Singles (smaller releases under 30 minutes)

Man, you’re reading pretty slow. Probably all those air guitar moves you’re doing. Better listen to this one now.

Each download is a DRM-free ZIP file containing several DRM-free 320kbps MP3s, already ID3-tagged.

All downloads are free; Kasatochi claims no copyright on the original compositions. If you plan to use Kasatochi’s cover versions, Kasatochi would appreciate a heads-up and a name credit.

Kasatochi is indebted to the MIDI authors of the ‘net; if Kasatochi knows who coded a particular MIDI, that credit is included in the ID3 tags.

Okay, I’m starting to think you’re just here to listen to free music. You’re in the right place.