402: Radio Free MST3K Volume 2

Return with us to the Satellite of Love for this second volume of music from the movies riffed and ripped to shreds by MST3K. including musical highlights from the Joel, Mike, and Jonah eras, the Comedy Central, Sci-Fi, and Netflix eras. This month’s selections:

  • Starcrash (John Barry)
  • The Pumaman (Renato Serio)
  • Time Chasers (Alice & Bill Kinzie)
  • Danger Diabolik! (Ennio Morricone)
  • Earth vs. The Spider (Albert Glasser)

All of these and more soundtracks from MST’ed movies can be found in theLogBook.com Store. In The Grand Theme Of Things is back!…did you miss us? (81:32)

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(Note: this podcast was recorded in February and was intended to drop a lot earlier than it did…and then life happened.)