Extremely Fine Works Of Art

Extremely Fine Works Of ArtHello there, it is I. Also known as he who has, for far too long, forsaken his blog. But for those of you who still peek in here from time to time, I have a surprise for you. Earlier this year, I began a brief but intense flirtation with a so-called AI artwork generator called Hypnogram. Like all brief but intense flirtations, it wasn’t meant to last, but it was fun while it did. I shared some of the results of this AI tinkering on Facebook, to a mixture of hilarity and, one strongly suspects, a healthy dose of “why?”, but despite this, I kept tinkering. Then, just for giggles, I started assembling these tinkerings into something of a small book, but not before running them through another AI program to upscale them to something that wouldn’t be a complete insult to print resolution (or at least PDF resolution). Running the extremely abstract results of one AI past another AI was a big part of the joke, frankly – would the upscaling AI try to “correct” what it couldn’t quite comprehend from the work of the other AI? And here, for your free downloading pleasure and bewilderment, is the result, a little thing I call Extremely Fine Works Of Art. It’s suitable for printing or, perhaps, just snickering at without the use of any dead trees. Enjoy it and, hopefully, get the chuckle out of it that is intended.

Extremely Fine Works Of Art (13mb PDF download)

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