The Pod, it continues

For quite some time now, as I’ve continued working on my other podcasts and struggling to get them out on any kind of predictable schedule, my thoughts have drifted back to the site’s original claim to podcasting fame (well, maybe that’s stretching it a bit),’s Escape Pod. It hasn’t been updated since 2015, which concerns me – a “today in history” podcast really ceases to have much use if it’s not updated.

When I got the Blue Yeti, I was flush with enthusiasm – I’ll re-record everything! – that proved to be unworkable. It took two years to write and record everything in the first place! I simply don’t have time to re-record everything. Why would I even consider that?

So here’s what’ll wind up happening: in order to keep the updated shows from having a night-and-day difference in sound quality akin to older BBC shows’ jarring cuts between video and film, I’ll record the updates on the headset mic rig originally used to record the existing Escape Pods, and just do the re-edits from there. I’ve wasted a lot of time to arrive at such an obvious conclusion, but the truth is, I keep getting feedback on the Escape Pod, and literally none of it is “I stopped listening to your already-very-short daily podcast because of the audio quality.” (Most of it, honestly, has to do with getting hooked instantly, so obviously I wasn’t too far from getting it right.)

It’s time to get the Escape Pod updated, and stop letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

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