Scenes from a birthday party

ParTAYThe scene: birthday party for one of Little E’s classmates. Due to bad weather (i.e. incessant rain), the party has moved from the park to indoors at the church the birthday boy’s family attends. It’s still pretty good fun, pizza, cake, the whole works. At one point there’s an attempt to do a hula hoop contest (spoiler: the repeated “contest” attempts fall into chaos pretty quickly and the kids go back to doing what they were doing before). One of the hula hoops is missing though. “Where’s the other hula hoop?”

Enter my son and his best buddy, jogging around the perimeter of the room with the missing hula hoop around both of them. “Dad! We’re in a force field! Nothing can get us!” Little E says as they go by.

“I think they have it,” I shrugged. And thus ended the hula hoop contest. The force field was deactivated some time later. 😆

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