Free Comic Book Day 2015!

This first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day. If you’re in your 40s and have a couple of kids, it becomes…

Me and C

…something you actually have to get out of bed for on a Saturday! But totally worth it.


Little C was ready to go in record time. He loves a good road trip.

C eats Es

Little E was in the middle of a three-day weekend (teacher work day on Friday), and I had to remind him: free. comic. books. And one of this year’s freebies was Sonic vs. Mega Man, a favorite of his (he already has the first TPB). He finally got moving.

C eats Es

A visit to the park was also in order. Can you tell these two love each other to pieces?

C eats Es

End result? You can pretty much guess what I went for. We didn’t see Sonic vs. Mega Man, but Little E did spot Pokemon, his current obsession. This was his introduction to manga, which reads right to left – “like Arabic”, Little E said (man, that school of his!) – so it took a bit of getting used to.

I had hoped to score the issue zero one-off of Tales Of Honor for the Mrs., but it was a no-show despite being promoted. 😳 Little E also scored an extra: the Teen Titans Go/Scooby-Doo team-up (he’s a huge Teen Titans Go fan; I have to admit that it’s my current favorite part of the film/TV DC universe too… 😆 ). Not a bad haul. I had some pocket change and offered to pick up another regular-price comic book for E, but he was apparently good on new reading material.

I can never get enough geekin’ out with the Little Green Men.

P.S. If anyone has the FBCD Sonic/Mega Man or Tales Of Honor freebies and wants to part with them, drop me a line. Willing to do some horse trading.

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