Coming to OVGE 2014: PDF Unplugged!

That’s right, I’m going to just sit by the doorway and play video game music on my guitar, and you throw quarters into an upturned hat!

Well, okay, so maybe not. Here’s what PDF Unplugged is really about.

PDF Unplugged is about me being a bit tired and lazy. Well, that’s the joke answer – the truth is, these things have always gone down well at OVGE, and they still work, and they’re still boxed up from last year’s show, so… why not?

Coleco Mini-Arcades

With no plug-in-and-fuss-with-the-cables time to worry about, this display will be ready to go in mere minutes (and easy to break down at the end of the day as well) (see, that’s the tired and lazy appeal there). What’s not to love?

But wait! There’s more! I’ll also have some demonstrations of how far portable gaming has evolved over the years. (Spoilers: it’s evolved a lot.)

PDF Unplugged

I’m trying to get my various USB retro controllers to play nice with the various emulators; there’s still a few days left.

PDF Unplugged

And of course I’ll have a few books with me – not a huge number, so be quick if you want to snag one!

Big box o' VWORP!

…along with a few other items for sale.

But wait! There’s more! Brett Weiss will be there with copies of his books, along with copies of Rob Strangman’s just-released definitive edition of Memoirs Of A Virtual Caveman, to which Brett, myself, Rob O’Hara and quite a few others contributed articles – you can get your copy signed by almost everyone but the primary author at one event!

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