A Song of Ice and Tires

Yet. another. winter. storm. We are under an ice storm warning. I’m out of invectives to hurl at the atmosphere, so instead of animating radar images, I will let the official road conditions website of the Arkansas Highway & Transportation Department tell this story. In song.

A song of ice and tires

The ATHD should count themselves lucky; if this happens again before it’s (nominally) spring, I shall expect them to tell the story in the medium of interpretive dance.

I’ll try to keep the animation updated throughout the day. The timestamp for each image is in the lower right hand corner, under the legend. Refresh (or CTRL-F5 for a force reload of every element on the page) to make sure you’re seeing the latest one.

Winter is coming. Actually, no, winter is here and it won’t bloody leave.

Brace yourselves (for my head to explode).

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