Kasatochi: Agitmalapropisms

KasatochiWhat’s this? Another more-full-length-than-full-length Kasatochi download already? I was all excited about this one. This one may actually be my favorite so far. Everything that’s on this album was specially selected because these songs sounded great in the chiptune context. I’ll admit that this hasn’t always been the case (though I’ve frequently allowed my affection for particular songs to win the day, unless the song just sounded horrible in this context – see also the “drone effect“). Toward the end of the tracklist, the songs start getting ridiculously long and self-indulgent, simply because I like them – and because they sound really interesting in this format. If you were going to tell someone to check out Kasatochi and point them toward an album that really demonstrates clearly what the whole project’s about, this would be a really good starting point.


01. Tour de France
02. Birdhouse In Your Soul
03. Rapture
04. Genius Of Love
05. Stratosphere Boogie
06. Killer Queen
07. Right Down The Line
08. Down Under
09. Don’t Stand So Close To Me
10. Radioaktivitat
11. I Feel Love
12. Do It Again
13. Red Rain
14. So Serious
15. The Chauffeur
16. Life’s Been Good
17. Ommadawn (Part One)

Surely this is the first time in the history of playlists, either human-picked or randomly-generated, that anyone’s ever sandwiched Jimmy Bryant between Queen and Tom Tom Club.

There’s a (very clumsily) hidden track that was an extremely self-indulgent late addition – the very song that got this whole mess started. All in all, it’s an hour and a half of new Kasatochi, and I was so thrilled with it that I just made up a whole new word for the overall title. As you do.

Denizens of Earth, I commend you to grab it from your friendly local dedicated Kasatochi page and enjoy. Enjoy!

Next week:
…yes, the whole album.


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