I’m giving up, for now, on the podcast. The existing podcast material has been folded back into my blog for the time being. (Damn you, Time Being!)

Time Being
Fig. 1: Time Being

I simply don’t have the time, at present, to do this on a consistent enough basis to merit its own whole section of the site. One of the rationales behind folding the movie, fan film and audio reviews into the episode guides was to reduce the crazy number of “sections” (and, therefore, WordPress installs that have to be maintained and updated). The idea of doing a regular podcast is still tremendously appealing, but unworkable on my present stay-at-home-dad schedule. I either don’t have a chance in hell of recording the thing in a room by myself, or simply don’t have the time – or both.

I also really need a co-pilot for these things. There have been at least two occasions where I recorded an hour’s worth of podcast and, even allowing for the fact that I’d stop recording with the intention of throwing in some music or something, when I went back to edit it all together, I was bored listening back to it. I found myself thinking “Who the hell would want to listen to this? I’m just rambling.” I never bothered to post them. There really needs to be a second voice in there… but again, I’m left with the same dilemma, having the time or relative privacy to record it, with or without the second person. And finding another voice for the podcast is about as easy as finding other writers for the site. (Don’t everyone volunteer at once!)

The Podcast of Extraordinary Magnitude – all three existing segments of it – can now be found here. The Podcast section has been taken off of all the main menus, but the directory still exists, primarily to host mirrors of podcasts from another fantastic retro-media-obsessed site, Retroist.com. The WordPress install and database have been removed, though. One less clump of code to worry about.

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  1. Somehow I missed you were doing these. I have some of your older ones, but not these. Now I have something to listen to over the weekend! Can’t wait for a new one to … ah, ratz.

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