Just a reminder to elected representatives…

Small talkYou work for us.

Here’s the thing: with a lot of the public, your chances of re-election are only as good as the last thing you do to honk everyone off before the next election.

Some of us are watching a bit more closely. Your chances of re-election are only as good as what you do that erodes our freedom. We’re the ones who call and write (and can gauge, from the responses to those contacts, whether or not what we’re saying is being taken on board).

Some of you aren’t even the people I voted in to office. But I nevertheless recognize you as the rightfully elected representative of the majority, and deal with you politely and professionally as such. I’ve got a lot of time on my hands, so I’ve become a bit of a lobbyist with no budget and no portfolio. (By the way, that’s the only kind of lobbyist there should be.) Perhaps naively, I never completely give up faith that I can make a cohesive and persuasive argument and chance your mind, thus contributing in my own small way toward changing your votes.

But hey, while we’re on the subject of votes, here’s the thing. You can be voted out of office. I’m keeping a running tally on how you’re voting on stuff. I’m making sure other people know about it. I have about an even chance of casting my own vote in a few months and replacing you with someone I do want in office.

I also have about an even chance of being outvoted too. That’s the great thing about how this country works.

But I have no chance of being voted out myself. I’ll still be here, whether you’re in office or not. Whether it’s someone who I feel is more in line with my values and concerns, or whether it’s you, I’ll still be in touch. I won’t shut up. I’m your constituent, term limit: [not applicable].

I strongly recommend you listen to what I, and others who take the time to be actively involved in the process, have to say. Ignore us at your political peril.

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