Scenes from an expo that hasn’t even started yet

Riviera Hotel

Some peeks at the Alumni Dinner:
Riviera Penthouse
The Penthouse floor of the Riviera – slightly more palatial than my room.

Riviera Penthouse
C’mon, you know you want to see more of it.

Riviera Penthouse
One more.

Garry Kitchen - CGE 2007 Alumni Dinner
Game maker Garry Kitchen talks about what CGE means to himself and other classic game programmers.

Keith Robinson - CGE 2007 Alumni Dinner
Keith Robinson of Intellivision Productions bequeaths the Burgertime hat to John Hardie en route to giving his own speech.

Walter Day - CGE 2007 Alumni Dinner
Video game world record scorekeeper Walter Day scores a few points with the other alumni.

Al Alcorn - CGE 2007 Alumni Dinner
Al Alcorn, the guy who did the engineering legwork on such things as arcade and home Pong, the Atari 2600 and more, is awarded a bronzed 2600. Beats the heck out of a certificate for a free turkey!

Admittedly, this next one isn’t CGE-related, but cool nonetheless:
The Face of Boe, now in convenient action figure form
Mayhem brought me this wondrous thing to help me face up to the fact that I’m a geek.

Mayhem also stuck around when Ubik and Sothy dropped by my room to shoot the bull for a while. And now that I have a face and voice to associate Sothy with? It’s all actually that much funnier. Oh, Mr. Flibble was in tow too. And I just now realize, as it’s one in the morning here, that I completely and inexcusably forgot to get a picture of him staring down the Face of Boe. 😆

Tomorrow: the show itself!

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