Beware, dear blog readers, for if you click on the “more” button here (may not be applicable on LiveJournal), you will be treated to a CUTE KITTEN OVERLOAD. Even those who think they are immune to the charms of tiny kittens shall not pass this way unscathed.

These are the little grey girl’s kittens. My niece has already laid her claim to two of the kittens, a little girl kitty…
Katie's Kitty

And a black and white boy (hey, there oughtta be a song about him!)…
Katie's Kitty

Which leaves three little Mobile Mouse Removal Units: a little solid grey girl…
Little Grey Girl's Kittens

A grey tabby girl…
Katie's Kitty

And a solid black kitty girl (I’m starting to wonder if Othello’s whereabouts are accounted for during the grey kitty’s stay…):
Katie's Kitty

They’re all just cute and scrumptious and adorable, and apparently their mom has settled in just fine at my sister-in-law’s and has the huge farm dogs living in fear of encroaching on her territory (!).

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