More Star Wars? Oh hell yeah.

Artoo Detoo, where are you?So help me God, I’m going to point you to an article on for the first and only time ever. George Lucas is doing more Star Wars, but this time as a couple of TV movies – though I wonder if these won’t morph into the new trend of “direct to DVD movies which get a broadcast window immediately before their DVD release”, a la the upcoming Galactica movie.

And while I know that “received popular opinion,” as I like to call it, has decided that the Star Wars prequels were crap, I’m up for more. I was underwhelmed with a few elements of Episode II, but was almost completely happy with I and III. I love this idea. I love that I might be able to sit down with my son and watch some new stories unfold in that universe, not something that I’ve seen a zillion times and analyzed to death while he’s just seeing it for the first time. Something new to both of us.

Even if it takes, oh, say, four years from this September…well, hey, that was good enough for me when I was four years old.

Rock on, George.

One thought on “More Star Wars? Oh hell yeah.”

  1. I’ll be several kinds of stunned if this isn’t referring to the live-action Star Wars series that’s been discussed for quite some time. But either way, between that and the Clone Wars series, there will be plenty of fodder for years to come, I’ll bet.

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