Tomato Boy!Yep, that’s me over there. Tomato Boy. Mr. Burns. From bald to redhead in just hours. Today wasn’t exactly a stellar day in my world – unless you happened to be a big honkin’ yellow star hanging over my head, then you definitely got to have your fun with me. One of these days I’m going to remember that there are these things called hats, and I actually own a decent number of them. I’m not talking baseball caps – hats. For someone who’s as big a fan of hats as I am, you’d think that I’d actually wear ’em outside on these occasions when I’m just going to step outside and trim the hedge in front of the game room window.

But wait! There’s more. Among my other staggering non-accomplishments today:

  • While pulling ivy off the wall and window outside the game room, I actually managed to yank the cable out of its connector. Yes, the cable, serving my home with that addictive, life-affirming thing we call the inter-type-net. One spare F-connector and a mile of gaffer tape later, it’s kindasorta fixed. Until the first good stiff wind comes along.
  • Utterly failed to get Xena into the car to take her to have her shots for this year. For a dog who loves me more than any other human being on the face of the planet, she sure dragged my ass around by that leash today.
  • Utterly failed to get much of the lawn done using the Weed Eater as a mower (wow, you’d think they made the bloody thing for some other purpose, as ineffective as it was). We can’t get that non-powered push mower fast enough for me, but that’s going to require money, of which there isn’t a lot at the moment. Not for us, anyway.
  • Utterly failed to get the screens put on the other front windows, which is what I really wanted to do today before the honey-do list took precedence. Crazy thing is, that task would’ve left me in the shade.

This was definitely one of those days when I should’ve just stayed in bed with kittens on my head.


  1. Well to solve the sunburn problem…it rubs the lotion on its skin else it gets the burnsss again.

    OK I think I used up my quota of that joke for the year.

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