The music gods must really like me

I must’ve been a really good boy or something, because I went to see if the new ELO remasters were finally available for pre-order (and they are!), and found a second sample clip from “Latitude 88 North” that makes me wish more than ever that Jeff Lynne would record something new – hell, I’d even settle for him continuing to “discover and finish” unrecorded ELO gems like this one.
Add to this the upcoming Alan Parsons remasters-with-new-tracks, and the reunion of Crowded House, and that’s my trifecta right there. For reasons both musical and otherwise, I’m a happy boy.

If you want to pre-order the remasters directly from the fan club, get ’em at the link above, or heck, if you want to throw fiddy cents my way (uah!), I won’t kick you outta bed* for ordering ’em here.

* assuming that you’re actually in my bed, in which case, you’d bloody well better be one of my cats.

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