Sit down and have a cookie

Cookie Monster chairI snapped this last night at work, though I’m not sure if it’ll show up on everyone else’s monitor the way I was seeing it. There’s an out-of-date logo magnet (originally intended for a company vehicle) on the little fridge in the Promo Pod, and part of the “ABC” logo reflected in the glass door made it look like the chair on the weather set had eyes – and it already had a mouth. My God! It’s Cookie Monster, possessing the soul of this office chair! 😆 (You may have to adjust your monitor to see it. Trust me. It’s there. And it wants a cookie.)

I’ve got some stuff already written and put together that’ll be showing up here in the next couple of days, a special treat for the music lovers who visit the blog. These will be entries that you’ll definitely went to click through to my site for, just for a nifty little bonus feature I’m tagging on to the end of each entry. (For reasons that will become clear, the aforementioned bonus will vanish after about a week.)

4 thoughts on “Sit down and have a cookie”

  1. Maybe it’s not the cookie monster but the hair monster and eats the hair of unsuspecting chair sitters? Maybe it’s a vampire and it’ll bite your neck when you doze off? Has this chair ever been exposed to direct sunlight? Perhaps you should wear a cross or garlic when you are near it. Bring a wooden stake along just in case.

  2. With a vampire chair, any day might be your last day. @_@ Just be aware of that, tread lightly, make sure you have a cross handy and carry a big pointed stick.

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