Earl's MobileProAlas, my poor little buddy.

What you see at right is an NEC MobilePro 820c, a handheld PC that goes everywhere with me. (I added the “Don’t Panic” myself – that’s not quite NEC standard issue yet.) I do 95% of my writing on this little machine, and an increasingly large part of my web browsing as well. I have extensive Excel spreadsheets to keep track of my game collection (and some other collections). It’s wireless. It’s got decent battery life. It’s a godsend.

Well, at least until this morning. Something happened and the poor little guy got completely wiped. No more spreadsheets. No more wireless card drivers (and it’s staunchly resisting any attempt on my part to reload said drivers). All articles-in-progress lost.

I probably could’ve been doing a better job of backing this machine up (it can hardlink to my old PC, Orac, though that’s hardly a guarantee of safekeeping where data is concerned). I’m still frustrated that this all happened out of the blue though. 😡

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