Grrrrrr. Meow.

Grrrrr. Not like I can keep either of my computers online long enough to find out, but has some new virus hit today that universally slams anything Windows, just by virtue of being online? AVG snagged a virus on Zen tonight, and then found the same thing on Orac a little while later, and now both machines are routinely going down like it’s all-star Hindernberg tribute day. Orac can’t stay booted up for 3 minutes; Zen lasts an average of 5-6 before it shuts itself down. Hopefully my handheld is immune – that’s about all I’ve got to go online and find answers with. (Or post this, for that matter.)

Meow. While I’m dealing with that crisis, I realize that nothing gets people flocking to my blog like kitten pictures. So here you go.

Call now - operators are sleeping peacefully
Call now! Operators are sleeping peacefully!

Cat scanAnd here’s a special bonus cat for you – I saw this one (and evidently she saw me) in the parking lot as I was leaving work late one night/morning last week.

OK, there you go, not one but two kitties. Don’t say I never gave ya nothin’.

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