Kitty cattle battle!


Fade in. Overhead shot of OLIVIA playing with the cord of the headphones I keep by my desk.

Olivia in Kitty Cattle Battle

Dramatic zoom out to reveal OTHELLO looming directly above her, sitting on the desk.

Othello and Olivia in Kitty Cattle Battle

Through a series of quick cuts, OTHELLO and OLIVIA somersault through mid-air, defying gravity and landing on the other side of the desk, or the chair right next to it. Cue drum-heavy martial arts music.

A furious battle ensues. Well, not really.

Othello and Olivia in Kitty Cattle Battle

The combatants quickly grow bored with this epic test of their kat-fu skills.

Othello and Olivia in Kitty Cattle Battle

The FINGER OF DOOM emerges from off-camera to end the battle. OLIVIA bites it.

Othello and Olivia in Kitty Cattle Battle *chomp*


Okay, we’re not really having kitty battles. The two stooges, who in fact get along famously, happened to chase each other around right in the middle of my work space, and I just happened to have a camera handy. Goofy kids!

Hannah still hasn’t had a baby yet, and my wife is rather upset about this as she’s out of days that she can take off. Hopefully she doesn’t have any complications when the baby does arrive (for Hannah, that is, not my wife; not being there is a complication where my wife’s concerned).

A memo to whoever invented the practice of having spambots try to inject their foul bile into blog under the guise of comments: please crawl off somewhere and die. Even as complete asses go, you’re pretty low on the food chain. In the past six hours, something like 200 bogus comments have been submitted to Scribblings; unluckily for the bots, all comments have to wait for my thumbs-up unless they’re from someone who has registered here and posted at least one comment that I have OK’ed. But I waste enough time eliminating scum from my inbox. I’d just as soon the spammers didn’t bother my blog as well. 🙄

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