Coping with a fuzzball-shaped hole in my heart.

Chloe at the farm - 1999 or early 2000Chloe, our beautiful little mostly-grey dilute calico cat, died earlier tonight at home. My wife had left an hour or so before that for some work-related function, and still isn’t home yet, and I still haven’t been able to reach her. Chloe has been having what we thought were allergy-related breathing problems for about a year now, and we had been treating her regularly, which usually involved force-feeding her some really icky-tasting medicine with an eyedropper. Here recently, however, her breathing problems intensified, and our veterinarian stepped her up to some stronger medicine in pill form. She was due to go back in for a checkup next Tuesday.

First picture of Chloe - 1999 at the farmChloe was really my wife’s cat, though that doesn’t really explain why I’ve been sitting here crying my eyes out all night. When my wife’s sister got married, she gave Chloe to my wife, who had just lost a dilute calico cat named Andora, who she had owned for 21 years. She lived at the farm until we got back from our honeymoon, at which point Chloe got to move into our first apartment with Othello and Iago, who had a ten-month lead on claiming the place as their own.

Chloe in the laundry - 1999
Here she is holding down a pile of laundry to make sure it doesn’t float away. Fresh-out-of-the-dryer laundry just wasn’t safe around Chloe – it’d quickly turn into fresh-out-of-the-dryer-pluz-grey-cat-fuzz laundry.

Chloe drinky from the sinky at the farm - 1999
Another Chloe tradition: drinking from the sink whenever someone was brushing their teeth. She’d also happily drink from a dripping bathtub faucet.

Chloe moves into Othello's territory - July 2000
At first, we weren’t sure what the relationship would be when we got all three kitties together.

Chloe, Othello and Iago in 2000
Speaking of which: only known photo of all three together.

Chloe's bed - 2000
Chloe even had her own super-cute little kitty bed.

Chloe moves into Othello's territory - July 2000
This may have caused a little bit of sibling jealousy.

Chloe in bed - 2000
It’s enough to make a fuzzball go into hiding.

Chloe at our apartment - 2001
Chloe at our apartment - 2001
Chloe at our apartment - 2001
Chloe at our apartment - 2001

Chloe at our apartment - 2001
We’ll miss the fuzzball.

2 thoughts on “Coping with a fuzzball-shaped hole in my heart.”

  1. Earl, I am so sorry to hear about Chloe. 🙁 She was simply lovely from what I can see. I hope that she can play freely with Iago somewhere now.

    I also hope the best for Othello (and Xena). I know this a concern of ours in regards to CowCat and Little Girl. CowCat is over 12 now and I worry for my own selfish reasons and for Little Girl about that day, which I hope remains far off in the future. I hope your recruitment drive goes well and you can fill that gap for you all.

    I am holding out hope and sending good vibes your way so that the “something wonderful” finds its way back into all of your lives. Your good people (and critters) and you all deserve it.


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