Cat Wars.

So I got a bunch of e-mails tonight that I needed to moderate some new comments in my work blog. I still haven’t gone back and closed comment on a lot of the earlier entries I made there, so as expected, what I found were a bunch of comments attached to early entries which were some random user with a Russian e-mail address trying to spam me. Trying to spam me a lot – I think I had to “moderate” 35 of these comments into oblivion. Again, I have to ask…does anyone still feel that spam “comments” with random links to places where you can supposedly get phentermine and sex online somehow falls under the heading of fair commerce or free speech? Nope. This is like someone trying to deliberately attach a live tick to the back of your leg – a live tick waving a huge neon sign. In case anyone wonders why you have to register here, and then wait until I let a comment through for your first comment to appear, that’s why. Argh.

ChloeA Chloe update for you…our sick kitty is getting a little bit better, but she’s also driving us nuts. Her appetite has returned, slowly but surely, and she’s starting to gain her weight back. We’ve also discovered the secret to slipping her pills into a tasty treat – apparently vets can get little chicken or fish flavored “pockets” that you slip a pill into, and the cat eats it up and gets her medicine without scratching the crap out of you. Don’t let that innocent little face fool you. Chloe’s got some claws, man.

Now, as for driving us nuts: she’s decided that she doesn’t eat food or drink water in her own bedroom anymore. She goes to the spare bedroom, where Othello snoozes (and where his litterbox, food and water area), and eats and drinks all of his food and water. She’s got a healthy appetite for cat food…so long as it’s his cat food. She’s even taken to sleeping on his bed. I tend to crash out there sometimes, so here lately, I’ve been waking up to find a catfight in progress on my stomach. I’m not quite sure what the message is here, or how this particular problem gets fixed. Or if it gets fixed. Othello has been very kind to Chloe while she’s been sick, but it appears that she’s now feeling frisky enough to take advantage of the situation and drive her big brother out of his room!

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  1. Apparently, according to a phone call I received mere minutes ago, the aforementioned kitty just hijacked my wife’s baked potato with sour cream and chives.

    This just keeps getting weirder.

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