All paws on deck.

Xena and ChloeXena and Chloe spend a little bit of time outside; Chloe seems to be finding it a little easier to breathe outdoors these days than indoors. Chloe had a recent visit to the vet where we learned that she has the kitty equivalent of asthma, and so we’re having to give her pills twice a day for the next two weeks. Hopefully she’ll not only find it easier to breathe, but her appetite will return as well – she barely eats, and as fluffy and soft as her coat looks, when you pick her up, you find that she’s skin and bones underneath that fur. 🙁 I’m really worried about her.

She loves hanging around outside with Xena, though. Even Othello has called a truce as far as chasing her in or out of the house; he seems to be acutely aware that she isn’t feeling well.

So he’s going to go stalking through the yard for a bit while Xena and Chloe hold down the deck.

On second thought, maybe he’s going to chow down on the grass in the back yard. Which I really need to mow soon.

Hopefully Chloe gets to feeling better, but at the moment she has no energy and just doesn’t seem very happy. We’re simply going to have to keep the house cleaner…and that’s not going to be something that just one person does or can do.

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