Hello, old friend.

Obsolete technology never dies at my house. It goes to sleep for a while and then, kinda like an old analog Merlin, returns when it is needed most.

Since my new camera doesn’t seem to have manual focus (grumble…) I had to enlist the help of a piece of gear I’ve had for nearly 20 years. Meet the old camcorder. AKA “the Jump Cut City camera.”
The old camcorder vs. the VectrexThe old camcorder vs. the Vectrex

The dear old dusty thing does, in fact, still work; the last time I hauled her out was in 2001 to take some horse video.
The old camcorder vs. the VectrexThe old camcorder vs. the Vectrex

And now, just to make her (and me) feel really old, a size comparison of the old and new.
The old camcorder vs. the new camcorderThe old camcorder vs. the new camcorder
(What’s really funny is that one has to consider that I also pulled my semi-retired floppy-powered digital still camera out of its bag to take these pictures.)

There’s something to be said for keeping the old warhorse working. It still focuses on things like the Vectrex screen just fine, so hopefully you’ll be seeing some Vectrex video soon. The older camera shoots on full-size VHS, which might look a bit icky next to footage from the new camera at full resolution, but squeezed down into a Flash movie it shouldn’t make a lot of difference.

Now all we need is Burchuss.

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