And the winner is…

MEMORY!!!  DOCTOR MEMORY!!!So, over the weekend, I posted on the Retroputing forums, inviting the users there to pick the first game I’m going to play and review for the Mattel Aquarius. I’ve had a section devoted to that system for ages, but I’ve never gotten around to actually playing any games on it. The machine has such a sterling reputation – for sucking – that I’ve never dared to power it up beyond what is necessary to confirm that my Aquarius actually works. Lucky for me, the users at Retroputing decided that, from my list, the first cartridge I try out should be the 16K add-on memory cartridge! Whew! That was easy.

OK, I lie. It was Utopia. I couldn’t luck out that easily. I just don’t have the box scanned yet for Utopia.

At any rate, keep your eyes open – I’m reading the Utopia manual now and hopefully will have time to give it a shot on the “system for the 70s” (those are the words of one of the Aquarius programmers, not mine!) this weekend.

God help me.

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