Game Room Remodeling Diary, Episode 6

Ahhhh, sweet victory, to have the house in one piece. And this room in it.

Aside from some very minor finishing touches, the new and improved room of doom is done. Here’s a look at the finished Odyssey 2/Atari 5200 section, with and without the overhead light:
PDF Game Room Remodeling

You may have noticed that the light behind the Dig Dug and Kickman marquees also underlight my toy shelf, some of which is game-related, some which…isn’t so much.
PDF Game Room Remodeling
I’ve got a thing for astromech droids and light cycles.

Atop the bookshelf right next to my desk area, I went back to a tried and true idea that’s been there for over a year, the old Star Trek marquee/model display. I had dismantled it for moving purposes, but now it’s right back where it was, and ready to be backlit again. As for the wall you really haven’t seen (because there’s really nothing there, it’s the wall that both the bed and desk are up against), here’s a look:
PDF Game Room Remodeling
The three-head tree light has three different-colored bulbs in it. This means that the only white light in the room that isn’t behind a marquee is the overhead light. And that’s just how I like it.

This brings us back to the A/V rack, where I propped up a few sturdy marquees. I really have no way to backlight these, sadly – I’m quite literally out of power outlets, and out of fluorescent lights to plug into them anyway. But that’s okay. It’s a nice bit of ambience. As is the whole thing, really:
PDF Game Room Remodeling

The gap on the upper right hand of the rack is awaiting an identical broadcast monitor for video duplication work.

All in all, it’s pretty much turned out how I hoped it would. Colorful, dark and bright all at the same time, bursting at the seams with some of my favorite stuff from my childhood and from now, and actually pretty functional and ready to rock when all is said and done. It’s almost as much fun to sit back and admire as it is to play games in here. There are a few finishing touches waiting to be made, but nothing major, and probably nothing you’ll be interested in at this point.

Whew. I’m bushed. OK, it’s someone else’s turn to do this.

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