Game Room Remodeling, Episode 3

PDF Game Room RemodelingOkay, I’ll admit, I didn’t do crap today. I opened my eyes and found that I couldn’t move. I tried to do a little bit of wiring hookup, but didn’t get much accomplished there. So for today’s accomplishment, I pretty much settled for deciding where everything would go, and preparing a place for my PS1s and their Great Big Joystick.

The machine on the left is an unmodded U.S. PS1, the right-hand machine is a Japanese PS1. I’ll just swap the power, video and controller cables back and forth as needed. While this may seem like an odd setup, what you don’t see is that 15-inch broadcast-resolution color monitor at eye level, giving the whole thing that upright-arcade-cabinet finesse. And though the flash from the photo wipes it out, the blue rope lights give the buttons on the joystick console a very cool arcade touch (think of the blacklight effects from a Tron cabinet). And the support pole on the shelf is not as obstructively close to the left stick as it may appear in this photo.

Have I mentioned how great a game of Robotron I now get out of my Playstation with that stick? No? Thought I had. I’ll tell you more about that later when it’s all plugged in.

That’s it. Also cleaned off some shelf space for other systems, and scoped out some lighting prospects for marquees, etc., as well as adding a string of red rope lights underneath my computer desk. Oh, and I vacuumed too. Then I laid back down, took a nap, and let my cats walk on my aching back.

More progress tomorrow. Hopefully.

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