Game Room Remodeling Diary, Episode 2

Othello and IagoAs I type this right now, I’m drenched with sweat, my hands are shaky, my muscles are achy, and my cats are happy. For today, I jostled the dresser, bed, computer desk and the drawer unit I use to store cartridges into their new positions. Everything worked as planned, and I’m sitting next to an open window as I type this, with a glorious breeze blowing on me and happy cats curled up, looking out at all the yummy birds and taunting the neighbors’ irritating little dog.

My back is actually to the only-occasionally-accessed closet, and putting the desk in this corner has not only opened up a ton of walking space, but makes the room seem so much bigger from where I’m sitting. I’m not facing directly into a wall just two feet ahead of me anymore.

PDF Game Room Remodeling

Whenever I move my PC, it’s a hard-and-fast rule that it be hooked up again, online and fully functional the same day I move it. (Same goes for the bed, which is now just behind the desk – so whether they’re in the window or snoozing on the bed, wherever my cats are, I can see ’em. Sounds silly, I know, but it works wonders for my peace of mind and generaly happiness.) So this concludes today’s moving.

Ouch…ouch…ouch…need vacation…need massage…need more sleep…

I promise I’ll get around to showing something to do with game consoles within the next two days. But I can see my Intellivision and my 5200 from where I’m sitting, beckoning me to hook ’em up and play ’em.

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