Doctor Who: Original Sin

Doctor Who: Original SinOrder this bookStory: In the 30th Century, the many tentacled arms of Earth’s Empire stretch across most of the Galaxy. Both the willing and unwilling cultures are incorporated into the ever growing web of assimilation. At the center of this web sits Earth itself, like a hungry arachnid, slowly devouring all who dare enter her parlour. The new spaceport cities float on massive anti-gravity devices over the ruins of old Earth. All manner of races must come through these overcities on their way on or off the planet. But, just as it is today, so it is 1000 years from now – Foreigners are treated poorly, disliked, and mistrusted, for no better reason than they are not Human.

Somewhere in Spaceport Overcity Five, a madman is releasing a dangerous form of radiation which is driving people to kill and not remember their attacks afterwards. This man has lived for over 1000 years, growing increasingly insane in his thirst for revenge on the man who had caused him pain – who thwarted his his plans for conquest so many years ago. He wants his revenge on the Doctor, and his desire to own the TARDIS clouds his mind with every waking moment…

Review: This was a fun book to read. After the spectacular exploits in the previous New Adventure “Human Nature”, (which, in short, I give a 9 out of 10) I didn’t expect to get another good one so soon. The dim view of humanity is not quite the Starfleet model, yet it doesn’t surprise me to see xenophobia as the main behavioral trait on Earth in the 30th Century. I mean, after all, isn’t that what it is like now? Wasn’t it like that 1000 years ago? The more things change…

Now, the evil mastermind (this is not a hint) behind this twisted plot, is none other than…

You’ll have to read the book to find out. I didn’t expect it to be who it turned out to be, due to his apparent demise, but what a comeback he made! The two Adjudicator characters, Roz and Chris, are the new companions. Roz is a street-hardened cop (much more believable that a street-wise Dalek killer…) whose past history is one of a priveleged upbringing by rich parents. And Chris Cwej (pronounced sh-vey, but he says to call him Cwej as it avoids confusion) is another in a long line of Adjudicators in his family, and is a trifle green when it comes to street-smarts. We shall see how these two find life on board the TARDIS.

I give this book an unprecidented 9/10! I am bombarded lately with really good Who, and let’s hope the trend continues! Now, hopefully the next review won’t run on and on, like this one did. It just came spewing out, and I’ll be damned if I was gonna try and stop it!

Year: 1995
Author: Andy Lane
Publisher: Virgin
Pages: 320