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    WHOOPS. From the official Alan Parsons Project Facebook…

    Thank you to the many fans who wrote in about the fact that Donald Trump was using our APP track ‘Sirius’ as the intro music at his rallies. This was not something we had approved or authorised, and having now written to Trump’s lawyer, we’re pleased to report that they have agreed to pull the song from their playlist at his rallies from now on. If you ever hear it played at Donald Trump events again – please let us know.

    The Woolfson Family

    Sorry, the Donald, but you’re not on the Chicago Bulls’ starting lineup.

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    You’d think, by now, the runners of not only Trump’s rallies – but anyone else’s rallies – should know that any public airing of commercial music requires permission from the copyright holders. This is not something that is limited to TV or radio broadcast but is extended to any public gathering: sports events, church socials, political events and so on. Heck. you can’t even pipe music into your elevator without some kind of agreement. Even restaurants (especially chains) need permission to play music in their store.

    If Trump’s organizers did their job right, they wouldn’t be getting all of this negative publicity in the first place. That begs the questions: what music is left that the owners WILL give Trump permission? Ted Nugent and many (if not most) Country and Western songs, I suspect.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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