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    Another series? Really? But read all the way through… [LINK]

    Big Finish Productions will be launching a brand new audio range in 2014. Doctor Who: The Early Adventures will comprise four-part stories starring the surviving lead cast members from Doctor Who’s black and white era.

    “While working on The Lost Stories, we fell in love with releases like Farewell, Great Macedon and The Masters of Luxor, which combine narration with dialogue,” says producer David Richardson. “I suggested to executive producers Nicholas Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery we could use that format to tell new stories for the First and Second Doctors, pushing the full cast elements in order to create big, impressive productions.

    “The scripts for the first four Early Adventures are now in, and it’s so exciting to bring the early days of the series back to life in this way. The aim is for these to feel like lost television soundtracks. The first series will comprise First Doctor tales, and will feature an historical, a trip into outer space, a beautifully reflective character piece… and the return of a classic villain from the early years!”

    Big Finish has also revealed that three of its Doctor Who audio ranges will be reaching their grand finales.

    Doctor Who: The Lost Stories, the adaptations of scripts originally devised for television but never made, will end in December after a short final run of stories for the first three Doctors. Gallifrey, the much-loved spin-off centred on Romana and Leela on the Time Lord homeworld, concludes in spectacular style in October with series six. And The Companion Chronicles, adventures narrated by the Doctor’s friends, will end their monthly run in June 2014.

    “It’s always sad to say goodbye to something, especially if they are popular,” says Nicholas Briggs. “But at Big Finish we feel we must always be moving forward, and finding new ways to tell exciting Doctor Who stories on audio.”

    For those whose current subscription will leave them fewer than six releases from the end of the Companion Chronicles, we’ve added a four-release Final Season sub so it won’t be necessary to buy up to five titles at full price.

    So, quick scorecard version: a lot of Big Finish’s Doctor Who output comes to an end between the end of this year and summer 2014, with the Early Adventures kicking off just a few months later.

    What we have now:
    Doctor Who main monthly range (13 per year)
    Doctor Who Fourth Doctor stories (6-8 per year)
    Doctor Who Companion Chronicles (12-13 per year)
    Doctor Who Lost Stories (4-6 per year)
    Doctor Who Destiny Of The Doctors (11 releases, this year only)
    Doctor Who Special Release box sets, i.e. Dark Eyes, UNIT Dominion (2 per year)
    Doctor Who Special Release singles, i.e. 6th Doctor/Jago/Litefoot stories (2 per year)
    Gallifrey (1-2 box sets per year)
    Jago & Litefoot (1-2 box sets per year)
    Countermeasures (1 box set per year)

    Late 2014 onward:
    Doctor Who main monthly range (13 per year)
    Doctor Who Fourth Doctor stories (6-8 per year)
    Doctor Who Early Adventures (12-13 per year)
    Doctor Who Special Releases (??)
    Jago & Litefoot (1-2 box sets per year)
    Countermeasures (1 box set per year)

    That’s kinda-sorta a reduction in output there. Almost affordable.


    Big Finish’s license has been renewed through December 2016. [LINK]

    ‘It’s an absolute privilege to be entrusted with making audio adventures for Doctor Who for at least another three years,’ says executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery. ‘And it’s wonderful that we will be able to continue our excellent working relationships with our friends and colleagues at AudioGO and Cardiff.’

    ‘This year will mark my seventh anniversary as executive producer at Big Finish,’ says executive producer Nicholas Briggs. ‘For me, it’s a clear indication of how much fun I’ve been having with the work and the people I’m privileged to work with that I am looking forward to the possibilities opening up with this latest extension of our licence so much. And by that time, I’ll have been in the role for ten years! Bring it on, I say. We have a great relationship with AudioGo and there will be exciting developments ahead.’

    ‘We have so many more tales to tell with the first eight Doctors and their companions,’ says line producer David Richardson. ‘We can promise that 2016 will see more of your favourite ranges – plus maybe a brand new range or two that will surprise and delight. Certainly, as a team, we could not be happier that we will continue to be able to make our Doctor Who dreams a reality.’

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