Why Ys Is an Underappreciated Action-RPG Series

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    From Screen Rant:

    Why Ys Is an Underappreciated Action-RPG Series
    Nihon Falcom’s Ys is a legendary action-RPG series with over two decades of history, but it still is criminally underrated to this day.

    Nihon Falcom has a long and storied history in video games, ever since the studio was founded in 1982. While The Legend of Heroes franchise may have more notoriety these days, nothing is more synonymous with Falcom than the Ys series.

    The first game, Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished, released in 1987, and the franchise is still going strong to this day. Despite having some of the best action-RPG gameplay in the genre, Ys simply hasn’t broken into the mainstream or achieved the same level of success in the West that The Legend of Heroes has.


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