What’s the deal with the Andromeda soundtrack?

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    I’ve always liked the intro theme music from the first season of Andromeda. Remember the first season, when it looked like the producers had a clue as to what direction the show should go? Anyway, I ended up buying the intro track from Amazon. And it’s kind of disappointing. I guess they hacked it up a bit to make it sound better for the opening sequence. It’s pretty promising at first, but there’s an odd sort of drop in sound at a couple of spots that I’m sure Alex Lifeson thought was a good idea but instead throws me off. It would have been a much better musical piece without those odd punctuations.

    I’m nowhere close to being a soundtrack fan like you Earl, although looking through my iPod I see tracks from Doctor Who, Andromeda, Battlestar Galactica (original), Firefly, Blake’s 7 (half decent cover version), Starblazers/Yamato, Heavy Metal the Movie, Enterprise, and the Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (again, a half decent cover). Oh, and the Venture Brothers. I usually go for the distinctive tunes from the shows, usually the theme music. In the case of the Venture Bros., I bought several tracks off iTunes because they all sounded so good. The only problem is that iTunes doesn’t always have what I’m looking for, and neither does Amazon half the time. I’d love to get some of the music from The Black Hole, but there hain’t nowhare to pick it up other than on vinyl. I’ve got a turntable that can burn vinyl to CD-R, but it’s not all that reliable, so I’d rather get an actual CD. Oh well.


    They probably gave Lifeson carte blanche to doll up the theme for the CD release. It’s pretty standard practice. Sometimes, as with the Star Trek: DS9 soundtrack, the original and the tarted-up versions are presented separately, and sometimes they give you no choice. To my ears, the Andromeda titles sound the same, but with more layers until it sounds like guitars-mutating-into-bagpipes (anyone else thinking of the ’80s group Big Country there?). The original sounded a bit… I dunno, “thinner” in the mix.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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