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    As I was watching the sequences of this (outstanding) documentary in which the original writing staff sits down and breaks the story for a hypothetical season 8 premiere, the music during the animated scenes of that story really grabbed me – yo! New Dennis McCarthy Star Trek music! So I’m really happy this is available. [LINK]

    What We Left Behind

    BuySoundtrax Records is proud to announce the original soundtrack release of WHAT WE LEFT BEHIND, featuring music composed by Dennis McCarthy (STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE, STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE) and KEVIN KINER (STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, STAR WARS: REBELS, TITANS) for the 2019 documentary film produced by 455 Films about STAR TREK: DEEP NINE, produced and co-directed by Ira Steven Behr (STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE) and David Zappone, along with Joseph Kornbrodt, Kai de Mello-Folsom and Luke Snailham, featuring the participation of Nana Visitor, Terry Farrell, Nicole de Boer, Jeffrey Combs, Michael Dorn, Alexander Siddig, Rene Auberjonois, Andrew Robinson, Wallace Shawn, Colm Meaney, Bill Mumy, James Darren, Avery Brooks, Armin Shimerman, Chase Masterson, Aron Eisenberg, Marc Alaimo, Max Grodénchik, Cirroc Lofton, Ronald D. Moore, Rick Berman and many more.

    WHAT WE LEFT BEHIND celebrates the 25th anniversary of the self-proclaimed ‘black sheep’ of the many STAR TREK spin-off series. Often described as ‘dark’ and ‘edgy’, DEEP SPACE NINE was maligned by many fans and critics at the time as the show did not fit in with STAR TREK creator Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future and bucked what the Paramount network’s concept of what a STAR TREK show should be, often featuring storylines that would span several episodes and include recurring characters, sometimes picking up story threads and paying them off in later seasons. But now, decades after DEEP SPACE NINE left the airwaves, the show is being re-discovered by younger fans through streaming services and championed by those who stuck by it from the beginning.

    The music for WHAT WE LEFT BEHIND is written by composers Dennis McCarthy and Kevin Kiner, both veterans of the STAR TREK franchise, and Kevin Kiner has also provided music for several STAR WARS animated series. Dennis McCarthy received an Emmy for his theme for STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE. The soundtrack release for WHAT WE LEFT BEHIND includes their music composed for the documentary along with the musical numbers used in the film, featuring the vocals of Casey Biggs, Jeffrey Combs, Armin Shimerman and Max Grodénchik.

    1. Main Title (0:12)
    2. Through a Glass Darkly – Andy Robinson (0:57)
    3. I Left My Quark and Captain Sisko – Vocal: Max Grodénchik, Arr.: Nicholas Pike (2:10)
    4. Reunion (2:40)
    5. Big Space / Fun Voyages (0:37)
    6. Mr. Brooks (3:03)
    7. Concept Art / Production Design (2:47)
    8. Actor Interaction / DS9 Renaissance / Promise To Be Back (3:06)
    9. Writer’s Intro / New Episode (4:58)
    10. Explosion (1:33)
    11. Evolving Characters / Friendship to Romance (1:32)
    12. Grey Character (2:54)
    13. Evolving Characters 2 / Recurring Characters (1:47)
    14. Killing Will Robinson (2:29)
    15. Galactic War Saga / Sacrifice of Angels (3:04)
    16. Writers’ Room I (2:48)
    17. Haven’t Advanced Much (1:33)
    18. Racial Inequalities (1:45)
    19. Writers’ Room II (2:30)
    20. Action Barbie / Being Heard (3:03)
    21. Intro Ezri (1:28)
    22. Bashir (1:16)
    23. The Cost of War (1:16)
    24. Real World Issues (2:53)
    25. Section 31 (3:49)
    26. Finale (5:58)
    27. What We Left Behind – Vocals: Max Grodénchik, Casey Biggs, Jeffrey Combs, Armin Shimerman (2:48)
    28. In Memorium (0:43)
    29. End Credits (3:12)
    30. DS9 Rocks – Five Year Mission (1:29)
    31. What We Left Behind Trailer – Dennis McCarthy, Matt LaPoint (2:28)
    32. STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE Main Title for Solo Piano (After 3:00 AM at Quarks) (5:09)

    Total Time: 79:18

    What We Left Behind

    The first batch of orders are being signed by both of the main composers.

    What We Left Behind

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