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    This is still on track for this summer.

    This first volume will cover:

    • The Original Series
    • The Animated Series
    • Non-Star-Trek 1970s Roddenberry Pilots
    • The Movies
    • The Next Generation (TV + movies)
    • Abrams Movies
    • A cross-section of classic-era fan films

    DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, and any future “JJverse” movies will be covered in the second volume (release date TBA – probably 2016).

    To a certain extent, as much as I love DS9, I thought it would be better for the first volume to “zoom in” on the Trek universe as created by Gene Roddenberry, which means TOS and TNG. The 2009 and 2013 movies are included by way of contrast.

    The earliest this would be debuting would be the somewhat arbitrary finish line of trying to have it ready for Soonercon in OKC; I’m not sure if I’ll be able to hit that target, but I’ll give it my best shot.


    Obviously, things have slipped a bit here. I have been quietly hoping that maybe I could finish this in time for Glitchcon, a month from now, but that seems unlikely – I’ve got a lot of stuff going in the next month, including Little E enterting kindergarten in a new school. I’m hoping that maybe it can be done at the end of the year alongside VWORP!2.


    Really, really struggling to get this thing into an approach pattern for a landing at the end of this year. What with the baby-havin’, continuing job uncertainty and all, it will probably surprise no one to hear that it may be sliding back to 2015… though a little voice in the back of my brain is saying “At that rate, just work on something else, and release the book in 2016 for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.” The little lawyer voice in the tiny office down the hall from the back of my brain is saying “Do it in 2015 before the studio is watching for ‘unauthorized fan-made products’.”

    The whole front half of my brain is saying “Sleep, Data, sleep.

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    I saw your announcement of Warp!1 on the Kindle; is the print version on the horizon?

    I’ve already ordered FFFO, just TAKE ALL MY MONEY DAMN YOU


    WARP!1 is still in the editing/formatting/minor rewriting stage, as I cut the WARP! books down to one-series-each. (Except, of course, that WARP!1 is going to cover Kirk-era, both live-action and animated, plus the ’70s Roddenberry TV and movie projects, plus The Lieutenant, Roddenberry’s pre-Trek series, which has turned out to be quite an entertaining thing to research. Without that extra material on Gene’s other stuff, it’d be a pretty thin book. Similarly, the fifth book, covering Enterprise, will become home to the JJ Abrams movies as well, even though that material is already written and was part of the original outline for WARP!1.)

    VWORP!1 and VWORP!2 just arrived on Kindle, however, a couple of years behind the print versions. I think that’s the announcement you saw – so fear not, you have time to save your quatloos.

    I have a love-hate relationship with Kindle that, perhaps, I shouldn’t be expressing in public (though I think this forum is obscure enough that it’s safe). Converting FFFO to Kindle was an eye-opening experience that caused me to reassess the work I had done on Kindle-izing the VWORP! books, which as you know are very formatted. Kindle…I don’t understand the love for it, really. I get the convenience and battery life and lower prices and so on, but I have a tablet for that. Kindle forces me to completely de-format my stuff. Single column. No more than two or three sizes of Times Roman. As few graphics or photos as possible. Because it doesn’t handle text well, and it can barely handle that. With everything in a single column and almost all in the same type size, VWORP!1 is suddenly somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 pages. (In fact, I removed the index from the Kindle edition to keep it from being 674 pages.)

    I’m enough of a stickler about presentation and layout and “look” on this stuff that I find the de-formatted version…insulting. It’s almost like a pirate copy that I had to prepare myself. I’m much more partial to just selling the PDF files that I sent to Createspace to have the print edition made, but… people don’t buy those.

    Kindle is what people want, so…in the name of making a living, the Ood abides.

    WARP!1 will roll out simultaneously in print and Kindle form, no sooner than late July I’d say. It will be out before the anniversary.

    I’m also seriously thinking of similarly thinning out/delineating the VWORP! books from here on out as well; VWORP!3 may just be the Peter Capaldi era plus the “Class” spinoff, and maybe some of the Big Finish audios set in the new series timeline (tenth Doctor, War Doctor, River Song, Churchill). VWORP!4 would be catching up with the rest of Big Finish, and 5 would be back to TV. The gigantic “Little Rock phone book” sized books just don’t move. It looks daunting, like there’s more effort involved in simply picking the thing up than people want to put into it.

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    Holy cow, can’t believe I misread that so. Well, I already do have the print versions of the VWORP! books. I don’t have a Kindle or Nook or Norelco or whatever. I can’t stand e-books; don’t like the very idea of them. I get that people like them. Good for them. I love big books with lots of pages; I love the tactile sensation of touching, feeling, and holding them, and the way they smell. They are laid out and formatted as the author intended; many have pictures and artwork that cannot be captured or enjoyed on a small LCD screen. Can you read Peanuts Every Sunday or The Wes Anderson Collection on a Kindle?

    Can you catch a cloud and pin it down?

    Can I borrow a feeling?


    @Earl wrote:

    WARP!1 will roll out simultaneously in print and Kindle form, no sooner than late July I’d say. It will be out before the anniversary.

    OK. Missed the Late July thing, obviously.

    Things have changed and then changed again on the WARP! front. Of course, being Full Time Dad again has kinda done a whammy on my writing and podcasting schedules. A while back I announced on the blog that I was going to subdivide the WARP! books by series.

    So this meant that the material would be distributed as follows:

    WARP!1 – TOS, TAS, Roddenberry pilots, TOS movies, TOS-era fan films, The Lieutenant (early Roddenberry show)
    WARP!2 – TNG, TNG movies
    WARP!3 – DS9
    WARP!4 – Voyager
    WARP!5 – Enterprise, post-TOS-era fan films, JJverse movies, other stuff
    WARP!6 – Discovery and whatever has come since then

    I have since decided, in the interest of Getting The Damn Things Done, to reshuffle material thusly:

    WARP!1 – TOS, TAS, Roddenberry pilots, TOS movies, JJverse movies through Beyond
    WARP!5 – Enterprise, all fan films, post-Beyond JJverse movies, The Lieutenant
    WARP!6 – Discovery and whatever has come since then, The Lieutenant might also go here depending on how Roddenberry-ish Discovery is

    I’ve never been completely happy with the Lieutenant material, and to put it mildly, the fan film story keeps evolving (thanks, Axanar). Those need to move to a later book, even though it’ll be incredibly incongruous for the Lieutenant to not be in the book with the rest of the Roddenberry stuff. If I ever get to a point where I’m happy with the Lieutenant stuff, it could be rolled into the TNG book with the last of the Roddenberry-originated material.

    This will allow me to get WARP!1 finished in time for Konsplosion (if not necessarily the anniversary itself on Sept. 8th); if everything goes Really, Really Well, WARP!2 might be out for Christmas 2016.

    If Discovery doesn’t last very long (let’s face it, this is a real possibility in the modern media landscape), books 5 and 6 can be consolidated. Of course, it’s also possible that Discovery may run its course over multiple seasons and conclude by the time I get to book 5, making it possible to roll Enterprise and Discovery into one volume.

    As far as dividing everything up into a series of smaller books…they won’t be that much smaller, and the huge, monolithic Doctor Who volumes are a hard sell at $20 and $25 each in physical form. Shorter, more focused books sell better. Especially in Trek fandom, where you have folks who completely decry/ignore entire series. (I may not be a huge Voyager or Enterprise fan, but I’m always up for going back and rewatching and reassessing. As someone from another franchise might’ve said, there is still good in it. I can feel it.)


    Aaaaaaand WARP!1 will be available to order next week.

    No, really. It will. Finally. And it does actually include The Lieutenant.

    Now let’s finish WARP!2 by Christmas…that would be book #4 for this year, leaving me only two impossible things before breakfast.


    And it can now be ordered in dead tree form or on your Kindle puterboxthingie. Enjoy!

    I did wind up finishing the material covering The Lieutenant and put it in WARP!1. It was more relevant there than to any other point in the franchise’s history.

    WARP!2 coming next…maybe for Christmas?

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