Warner Bros. buys movie rights to The Red Star

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    For the second time, the movie rights to Christian Gossett’s graphic novel series The Red Star have been snatched up, this time by Warners (Universal had the rights previously and never managed to pilot the thing out of development hell). This is a series of books that Dave Thomer introduced me to several years ago, and the visuals are eye-popping – if any non-comic treatment can come even close, we’re in for a treat. The premise is a little hard to explain (really, the best I can do is point you toward Dave’s outstanding interview with the makers of the books, published on his site in 2000) – it’s the story of a world whose history kinda-sorta-somewhat parallels the history of Soviet Russia, with all the good and bad that this entails. There are giant monolithic spaceships and sorcery.

    The report from Variety says [LINK]:

    Warner Bros. is aiming for “The Red Star,” and is in negotiations to pick up feature rights to the fantasy comic book series out of turnaround from Universal.

    Project’s set with Neal Moritz and his Original Films along with Jason Netter of Kickstart Prods.

    The comic was created by Christian Gossett and set in a world inspired by Russian folklore and military history, mixing technology and sorcery in The United Republics of the Red Star. The stories, published between 1999 and 2008, included a fleet of Red Star skyfurnaces, gigantic flying warships up to three kilometres long.

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