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    Of all the Things I Never Expected To See Released this year (and for a year that’s included The Black Hole, Gremlins, and more Star Trek: The Next Generation music, that’s quite a list), this is the most obscure and one of the most interesting.

    Georges Delerue: Unused Scores for Regarding Henry and Something Wicked This Way Comes

    In 1982, shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Georges Delerue met up with British filmmaker Jack Clayton again, this time for a great Walt Disney production: the screen-adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s novel Something Wicked This Way Comes. The subject of Something Wicked — a diabolical carnival coming to a small town in Illinois — provided Delerue with all he needed to let his imagination soar into the distance: sorcery, fantasy and childhood fears. In a mere two weeks, the composer wrote a vast score filled with tormented lyricism, at once flamboyant and terrifying, which conjured fear from merry-go-round waltzes. For (complex) reasons, however, Delerue’s work wasn’t included in the final version of the film, much to the composer’s despair: “It was extremely painful,” confessed Delerue, “because it was probably the most ambitious score I wrote in the United-States.” At last, some thirty years later, the Disney Studios have authorized the release of this complete version of a jewel long considered to be Georges Delerue’s “unknown” masterpiece. Coupled with another non-used original soundtrack — written for Mike Nichol’s Regarding Henry, more romantically inspired — the music for Something Wicked forms the centre of gravity for this new album. Georges Delerue, Unused Scores illuminates another aspect of this extraordinary musician. This is also the first CD in Universal’s Ecoutez le cinéma! collection to be issued as a Limited Edition (3000 copies).

    Fascinating. Delerue’s score was replaced with music by James Horner, who was and is seemingly ubiquitous. Now, I’ll fess up that it was one of Horner’s better works from that period, before he fell into his “make everything a variation on Star Trek II” rut (it being a Disney-produced film of a Ray Bradbury story, one has to imagine there was some serious scrutiny of the music going on, especially since one of France’s best film composers somehow failed to cut it), but I’m intrigued at the idea of hearing Delerue’s take on it.

    1. A Portrait of Henry
    2. Back to Life
    3. Amnesia
    4. Finding Love
    5. Sentimental Calliope
    6. A New Birth
    7. Erased Memory
    8. Speech Therapy
    9. Henry’s New Personality
    10. End Credits

    11. Something Wicked…
    12. …This Way Comes
    13. The Edge of Death
    14. Mr. Dark’s Carnival
    15. Time Carousel
    16. Black Lullaby
    17. Mirror Maze
    18. Finale

    Screen Archives Entertainment has it here.

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