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    Guest lineup this year is full of familiar faces..

    Jonathan Frakes (Riker from TNG)
    LeVar Burton (Geordi from TNG)
    Michael Hogan (Tigh from BSG)
    Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh from BSG)
    Rachel Luttrell (Teyla from Stargate Atlantis)
    Richard Hatch (Apollo from BSG classic)
    Julie Caitlin Brown (Na’toth from B5)
    Jennifer Hetrick (Vash from TNG/DS9)
    Jennifer Spence (Lisa Park from SGU)

    Artist and author guests are still “to be announced.”

    This year’s show is June 22-24 at the Tulsa Wyndham Hotel.

    Steve WSteve W
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    There’s a comedy podcast called the Thrilling Adventure Hour that I’ve recently become incredibly addicted to, and a segment in their Christmas episode had Nathan Fillion as a guy who had his wife’s true love murdered, and she later commited suicide and was now haunting him. His father’s voice kept setting off alarm bells, it sounded to me like it was the guy who played Tigh on BSG, but I thought he lived up in Canuckia. Then I looked at the cast list, and sure enough, Michael Hogan. And his wife did a voice in the episode, too. Fillion has done a several episodes, but I think Hogan’s only done a couple. Fillion’s lately playing Cactoid Jim, King of the Martian Frontier in the episodes of Sparks Nevada, Marshall on Mars. Hunt the podcast down, totally worth a listen. It’s done in an old-time radio style, live in front of an audience.


    Garrett Wang has been added to the guest list at the last minute, as he almost always makes it to Tulsa Trek Expo (he may have family in the area or something, I dunno).

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