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    A further thought.

    Fault Line…reminds me of the Borderline bonus track/B-side from Armchair Theatre. It’s fun but inconsequential.

    Blue, I really dig. Nice tune. BUT…tacking both of those onto the end of the album really creates a “tone” problem for me. The title track is designed to be the last track, the period at the end of the sentence. Blue can just about function as an epilogue, but “feels” better either right before or after One Step At A Time. Fault Line needs to be somewhere way earlier in the track listing.

    Although Blue can just about get away with being a post-script to the whole thing, neither of the bonus tracks “feels” right at the end of the album if you’re just listening all the way through.

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    Additional tracks ruining the tone of an ELO album? I’ve gotten used to it since it has happened before.

    The first time (that I noticed) was when they tacked on “Hold on Tight” to the end of “Time”. Jarring ending to a perfectly fine album. 21st Century Man was the perfect ending but, no they had to cram that abomination to the end of the album. They did the same with “Secret Messages” but that wasn’t really a concept album so it wasn’t that big of a deal (Rock N’ Roll is King did mess with the tone, however). Me bitter much? Naw.

    So I shrug when I see it happen again (and again). Besides, it’s a bonus track and not part of the original album (kinda, sorta). Did I whine when they added “Dark City” to the remastered Eldorado Album? No, of course not; it’s just an extra tidbit they added and gives you an idea of other material they considered for the original album. You can always play the album without the bonus tracks.

    We could create our own album: “Tracks that don’t Belong” and list the songs and bonus tracks we feel should never have been put in various ELO albums. The only problem with that project is that it might portray a bitter tone. Irony. I like that.


    Iiiiiiiiiinteresting. [LINK]

    @Earl in 2012 wrote:

    He has now revealed that there is a third album in the works, of which eight tracks are complete – all brand new originals. This album will be out next year.

    @Guitar World wrote:

    When I last talked with Lynne in 2012, he told me he had a few originals finished and was toying with the idea of making a new ELO album. But, he says, only the lead single, “When I Was a Boy,” is left from those days, with the bulk of the writing and recording for the album taking place after his Hyde Park appearance, which was recently released on a DVD that includes the excellent Mr. Blue Sky documentary as a bonus.

    “Back when we last spoke I had just a little outline of ‘When I Was a Boy,’ that was it,” Lynne says. “I had a couple of other bits, but none of them were even the shell of a song yet. They were just little worm ideas. So there’s some bits on the album that come from ideas that might be a couple of years old, or three maybe, but the whole album was basically built on that festival appearance, really. That’s how it came about.”

    So…wait. What happened to those eight tracks?

    No, not those eight tracks. I mean…the 8 tracks he claimed to have done in 2012?


    Maybe the Japan-only exclusive bonus track is one of them. Listen while you can…

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    I like it. In fact I like it better than a couple tracks in the album. Sucks it’s only available on the Japanese release. I want it noaw!


    It’s a curious song, isn’t it? Jeff uses some effects he hasn’t used since Secret Messages…and what’s up with the helicopters? 😆

    My theory on its bonus-trackishness-in-Japanity: someone pointed out to Jeff that, musically, the chorus in this song is nearly identical to that of “Lonely Lullabye” from Zoom. I like this song’s lyrics better, however.


    😯 Okay, I really did not see this coming. It’s also #23 in the Hot 200 chart.

    Clearly something is happening here that didn’t or couldn’t happen in 2001 with Zoom. There’s also some comedy gold going on here – it’s Electric Light Orchestra vs. Trans-Siberian Orchestra! 😆

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