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    But wait, there’s more.

    There was a screening of an ELO documentary earlier this week at the Grammy Museum in L.A., with Jeff in attendance. He has now revealed that there is a third album in the works, of which eight tracks are complete – all brand new originals. This album will be out next year.

    Better go check the related news sites for Alan Parsons and Neil Finn. If they all get a new album out the same year, it’s the end of the world. If Peter Gabriel*, Jason Falkner and Lindsey Buckingham follow suit in the same year, the galaxy will explode. And I’ll be okay with that.

    * no dull orchestral cover albums permitted, Pete. It’s gotta be new stuff.


    @Earl in 2012 wrote:

    This album will be out next year.

    The hell it will! But it might be in 2015. [LINK]

    At Tuesday night’s (Nov. 4) Classic Rock Honours in Los Angeles, ELO mastermind Jeff Lynne was feted with the very deserving Outstanding Contribution to Music award. “I think it’s because I’ve done a lot of stuff,” Lynne joked to Billboard after the ceremony.

    Lynne, who revived the ELO name and revisited such classic ’70s and ’80s hits as “Telephone Line,” “Mr. Blue Sky,” “Livin’ Thing,” “Showdown” and so many more at London’s Hyde Park, confirmed to Billboard he will be bringing ELO to the States.

    “I had so much in Hyde Park with 50,000 people, where I just played in September, first time I’ve played in 28 years it was fantastic and I loved every minute, so I’m definitely gonna come here and play.” As for when he says, “Not too long.” His manager then added it will be in 2015.

    It won’t just be a greatest hits celebration, as Lynne said he is working on new music under the ELO banner. “I’m working on a new album and that’ll be involved in the new times when we play.”

    Might be about as ELO as Zoom, but if it’s decent new music from Jeff (as in: not a cover of his own or others’ back catalogue), I’m in.


    And so it begins. [LINK]

    Jeff Lynne’s ELO has signed a global deal with Columbia Records and is set to deliver a new album which will be the first new ELO music in 15 years. As with ELO’s previous chart-topping albums, Lynne continues to serve as ELO’s producer, songwriter, arranger, lead singer and guitarist.

    Guess the little Italian label wasn’t cutting it – Columbia is the label that distributed the original ELO in the U.S. for much of its existence (Balance of Power and the CD releases were shifted sideways to Columbia sub-label Epic). Ah well, go with what works, especially if they’re paying you and promoting you.

    Between this and a new Star Wars movie… this is pretty much 1977, isn’t it?


    From the official Jeff Lynne Facebook page…

    Tune in to The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 THIS MORNING. At 7:40am (UK time) Chris will preview a track from the new Jeff Lynne’s ELO album!

    That’s about 1:40am my time. Dammit dammit dammit…

    Spidey sense tells me we’ll have an album title and a release date in the next 24 hours.

    Watch it be out on December 18th.


    And now there’s an animated version of what’s probably the cover.


    Yep yep yep. Here we go. November 13th.

    Here’s the first single. I like it. Though it’s very understated, the “O” in “ELO” shows up more than I was expecting – sounds like this might not be Zoom II after all.

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    I like Jeff’s “when I was a Boy”. It reminds me of some of the earlier ELO but I’m not sure specifically…Secret Messages maybe. There’s a little bit of Out of the Blue in there, I think.

    Doesn’t sound anything like the Zoom album so, by definition, it does not suck. 😉

    EDIT: It’s been a few minutes and the song still lingers…it’s stuck…I Can’t Get It Out of My Head…



    1. When I Was A Boy
    2. Love & Rain
    3. Dirty To The Bone
    4. When The Night Comes
    5. The Sun Will Shine On You
    6. Ain’t It A Drag
    7. All My Life
    8. I’m Leaving You
    9. One Step At A Time
    10. Alone In The Universe

    I have decided that I’ll be purchasing the vinyl LP of this album, rather than the CD. I have all of the other ELO albums – even “The Night The Light Went On In Long Beach” – in LP form, hanging on my wall…with the possible exception of the recent vinyl reissues of Zoom and the live concert album. (I wouldn’t mind getting the Zoom vinyl, but I probably missed my window for getting it.)

    I look forward to adding to my display.


    If you, too, need to be alone in the universe, it can be preordered in the store.


    “Deluxe Edition” CD bonus tracks:

    11. Fault Line
    12. Blue

    Dammit, Jeff. Now I’ve got to get the LP AND the CD? These bonus tracks better be vastly better than the “Time After Time” bonus track on the Secret Messages CD…


    Another track has escaped thanks to BBC Radio Scotland this morning. Very Orbisonian.

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    Linky no worky. Jeff’s lawyers were quick and got it shutdown due to copyright infringement. 🙁


    “When The Night Comes” will be rolled out Friday night, probably though the usual social media channels and YouTube.


    Oh… and here it is. I really dig this one, even if it is a kind of ELO a la reggae take on the same chord progression as “Not Alone Any More” by the Traveling Wilburys. 😆

    I see a lot of people climbing all over the official “Jeff Lynne’s ELO” Facebook account about how the strings are synths…um…I hate to tell them, but, for the most part, it’s been that way since Time. 🙄 Some people just gotta bash everything…I am really liking what I hear.


    Hey Ubik, remember the days when “NASA ELO Doctor Who” would lead to this site? Perhaps it’s no coincidence. [LINK]

    The title track was inspired by an article Lynne read about the Voyager 1 probe leaving the solar system, becoming the first man-made object to enter interstellar space. “It tickled me thinking about that,” he says. “I mean, how lonely can you get? I sort of turned it into a missing-somebody type of deal like Voyager 1 was missing Voyager 2, so I turned it into people.”

    Elton, fetch a spade! Also covered: the bad blood between, basically, Jeff’s lawyers and The Orchestra’s promoters.

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