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    Update: it’s already been funded to twice the goal.

    Wandering Planet Toys has launched a Kickstarter [LINK] to produce what it says is a first wave of “Kenner-style” (i.e. very much like ReAction) action figures from the 1960s TV series The Prisoner. Most of the figures are Number Six himself in various guises; there are two twin-pack box sets that bring in Number Two and others. There are four carded figures in total, plus a Number Six figure packaged inside Rover. The buy-in for the entire wave plus an exclusive T-shirt is $240 – not cheap, but they look really cool.

    The Prisoner The Prisoner
    The Prisoner The Prisoner
    The Prisoner
    The Prisoner The Prisoner
    (all images can be zoomed in)

    Whenever the second wave of TNG ReAction figures comes out, Number Six can finally meet Number One without it being a big problem.

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