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    Oh man. We missed out. Big time. [LINK]

    Entertainment Weekly ran an article called In Search of Pop Culture’s Holy Grails, listing, “some hallowed projects (that) evade(d) our grasp. A guide to our great white whales.” Over two dozen, “lost” projects are listed.

    But, in the FOG! world of pop culture, not everything is lost. So in the coming weeks, we’re going to uncover a number of those projects, including our first, Jack Kirby’s The Prisoner, which EW describes as, “a comic based on the gonzo sci-fi show. Kirby never finished issue No. 1.”

    It does look like Kirby finished it, however. Just some lettering and inking by Mike Royer might be all that’s needed to complete the issue.

    Sure, Number 6 occasionally looks like Frankenstein’s monster minus the bolts, but overall the label of “lost treasure” seems fitting. Go give it a look.

    Steve W
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    Wow, Jack had some trouble drawing realistic faces and especially eyes. I wonder if Marvel paid for the license only to let it go to waste, or was this a proposal to obtain the license. I also have to wonder why it was never completed, what got in the way behind the scenes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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